Reading with your kids has a lot of perks. It’s a fun way to bond with them and it also happens to be beneficial to their education and development too.

What other way can you explore stories, art, and get their imaginations running while spending quality time with your child? If you want to start off with some easier reads, or want to find some good options for bed-time stories, it can help to choose a book you can get all the way through while holding your child’s attention.

We’ve taken the most popular Christmas books and calculated how long it would take a child to read, so you don’t have to guess. Most of these books are suitable for children ages 3-8 so we’ve calculated reading times based on the average reading speed of second graders. You’ll find some Christmas classics on our list like A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Snowy Day, The Polar Express, and even How The Grinch Stole Christmas!




Kids have a fascinating interest to read, watch, and even hear the same stories over and over. And why not, if it’s from a great book, right? While many stories deserve to be re-read, trying something new can open up a new world for your child. After you’ve gotten a good feel for what they like and triggers their imaginations, it would be a great time to try a custom storybook for your kids to help them inspire more reading adventures for years to come.