The sun is setting over the neighborhood, and the streets are filling with witches and werewolves demanding that you offer them sugary tribute or risk being hoodwinked! No, you aren’t having a nightmare—it’s just Halloween! 

Every year for Halloween, children returns from an evening of trick-or-treating with high spirits and candy-fueled excitement. Having an activity for them to play is a great way to keep the fun going after candy bags have been filled to the brim and sugar rushes are in full effect. 

Our Wicked Cute Plush Treat Jar are the perfect prizes for Halloween BINGO game winners. And remember, BINGO doesn’t have to be a game just for your kids—feel free to join in yourself as well. Happy Halloween! 

BINGO Game Instructions 

  1. Download the BINGO cards and BINGO calling card here. 
  2. Print one BINGO calling card, cut along the dotted lines, and place the pieces in a bowl. 
  3. Print one BINGO card for each player. 
  4. You’ll need a way for BINGO players to mark their squares. We recommend using candy corn—chances are there’s a ton of it sitting in your children’s candy bags. 
  5. Each player should put their first marker on their “free” space in the middle of the card. 
  6. The assigned caller should pick a calling piece and announce them one at a time. Players mark their cards accordingly, and once a player has five squares marked in a row {horizontally, vertically, or diagonally}, they call out “BINGO!” and win the game!