Young girl celebrating her first Christmas with joy, holding a beautifully wrapped present


Baby’s first Christmas can be one of the most cherished Christmases that you, as a parent will have. You trim the tree, wrap the gifts and make the eggnog, but this Christmas is different from other years. In these formative stages of life for your newborn, you see your family’s future beginning to take shape. These are times of hope and anticipation, and life’s new beginnings. This precious moment in time will never come again, so carpe diem! (with both hands) and make Baby’s First Christmas special for the whole family. 

Here are five simple ideas to make baby’s first Christmas unforgettable. Plan ahead and create Christmas memories that last forever. 

Baby’s First Stocking

What is it about Christmas stockings that makes us feel all nostalgic inside? Perhaps it’s the remnants of tradition that linger when we imagine all the stockings that have been hung above fireplaces across the land for so many decades. Maybe it’s their distinctive shape and the way they are decorated that conjure ideas of their history. Perhaps it’s just that we had them when we were children and Christmases past are those we look back on most fondly. 

In the years to come, your child will think back on Christmases just like you do now. Make or buy a cute stocking for your little one and have his or her name embroidered on it. Use it while your little one is a baby then upgrade to a toddler stocking, but be sure to clean and preserve the baby stocking for when your child is an adult. 

Make a Christmas Movie 

Christmas home movies help us to recall the excitement and wonder that came from presents under the Christmas tree, the smell of pine and the glow of blinking lights from the living room. Time spent with family is so precious and the memories of these special moments remind us to reconnect with family as adults. 

A DVD of baby’s first Christmas will be something you will cherish as much as your grown-up child will. Capture baby’s joy when you unwrap Tickle Me Elmo, and video him or her drinking their first eggnog (sans rum, of course). Your Christmas DVD should include footage of the whole family, even if there are only three of you. Take turns as the film director and be sure to capture all of the Christmas traditions, from trimming the tree, stocking opening, present unwrapping, a little Christmas feasting, and end with putting your little angel to bed after a big day. 

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament 

When your child is big enough to help, trimming the tree will be one of his or her favorite Christmas traditions. Silver bells, tinsel and a star or angel at the very top of the tree are some of the delights that await your little one. Buy or make an ornament that signifies baby’s first Christmas and hang it year after year on the tree. There are many ornaments available that are especially for baby’s first Christmas. Have the ornament personalized with baby’s name – an especially practical choice if baby has siblings! 

Store baby’s first ornament carefully between Christmases, and when you child is an adult and starting a family of his or her own, pass it down to adorn that new family’s tree. 


Store baby’s first ornament carefully between Christmases, and when you child is an adult and starting a family of his or her own, pass it down to adorn that new family’s tree.


Baby’s First Christmas Book 

This enchanting book takes your child on a heartwarming adventure alongside their trusty canine companion, as they embark on a quest to save Christmas. Give the gift of cherished memories this Christmas and watch your child’s face light up with joy as they become part of this heartwarming story. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create lasting holiday magic with the How My Dog Saved Christmas Personalized Book”