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Fishing can be an exciting adventure for kids. Not only do they get a new experience outdoors but they also get to learn a brand new sport. Planning a fishing trip for children should be fun. Prepare them for this day by giving a brief history of fishing. Then teach them the three most important beginner techniques, provide them with necessary equipment, and give them tips and tricks for having a fun and safe fishing trip.

A Brief History of Fishing

People have been fishing for approximately 40,000 years. Fishing was just as necessary for survival as hunting. Back then fishing was not seen as a sport or a leisure activity. Rather, it was a primary source of food for people. Therefore, people set about fishing in the easiest ways possible; catching fish with nets. Nets were made from spinning grasses, spinning wools and flax. These nets where then attached to stones or lead which would prevent them from floating to the top of the water.

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Beginner Techniques

A fishing trip can appear overwhelming at first, especially when it is your first time. But don’t fret, there are techniques that anyone can quickly master; and they’ll make you look like a pro.

Tie a Fisherman’s Knot

Slip the fishing line through the “eye” of the hook. Pull out 10 inches of line. Using those extra 10 inches, wrap around the primary fishing line. Wrap it around the line five times. Gather the end of the 10 inch line and loop through the eye of the hook once again.

Bait Your Hook

This may appear quite tricky. But one simple technique will ensure that your worm stays right where it belongs – on your hook! Instead of threading the worm through the center, it is best to thread the worm lengthwise on to your hook. This will ensure that the worm stays on your hook and that no fish can come steal worms off your hook.




Casting is very subjective. Some people cast from over their shoulders, or they do a sidearm cast. Do whatever feels more comfortable for you. Practice at home prior to your fishing tip to get the hang of how the rod and reel feel. Throw a hula hoop on the ground and try to aim for it. Just make sure to hold the pole with your dominant hand. Hold down the reel button with your thumb. Get ready to cast the line (practice the sidearm or the over-your-shoulder- cast). As you cast the line let go of the button. Reel in the slack line. You want the line taut so you feel a fish tugging on it.

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Tips And Tricks

One important tip is being prepared. Ensure that you have important safety gear: life jackets, sunscreen, extra hats, extra clothing, snacks, plenty of water, and proper licenses. Make the trip an adventure. Prep the night before, by packing the car with all the necessary equipment.

Go over all safety information with the kids. Never allow children to handle dangerous objects such as hooks on their own, always provide adult supervision. Do not bring expensive baits or heirlooms on this trip. A great trick for fishing with kids is using a bobber or a sinker rig. Both of these will help lure the fish in rather than constantly casting the line (which often times leads to tangles). Kids can play close by while their line is in the water, ensuring that they do not get bored.

Tackle & Equipment – what is needed to start fishing?
The most important equipment for a fishing trip is a rod, reel, line, hook, net, bait (worms, plastic worms, artificial fish bait, hot dog bits, tackle box (bobbers, hooks, nail clippers, sinkers, hook removal tool), a first aid kit, and a fishing license. It is also important to bring sunscreen, maps, sunglasses, life jackets, hats, and any other protective gear.

Additional Links

Kids can have fun playing interactive games about fishing prior to their fishing trip. Below is a list of fun fishing links for kids.