With winter break upon us and Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to embrace the festive spirit of the season. Escape the chilly weather by staying indoors and crafting with your kids. Christmas crafts are a great way to entertain your little ones while letting them release their creativity.

We have 50 easy Christmas crafts for kids at every skill level. Need to decorate your Christmas tree? There are fun Christmas tree ornament ideas that your kids will be excited to hang up. Looking for a personalized Christmas gift you can give to family? Try creating a snow globe or themed treat.

Once you decide on a craft to make, pair it with light up Christmas decorations to give your home the complete cozy Christmas feel.


1. Paper Plate Christmas Tree

painted paper plate Christmas tree

Photo by: Creative Family Fun

Do you have leftover paper plates from Halloween and Thanksgiving parties? Reuse them by creating this colorful craft. Paint the plate green and add fun pom poms for a Christmas tree imitation.


2. DIY Pom Pom Ornament

DIY christmas ornament with pom poms

Photo by: Vikalpah

This easy DIY Christmas ornament is fun to create and can be personalized with your favorite winter character. Fill a clear plastic ornament with pom-poms and paint an outline of a penguin or snowman, letting the pom poms show through.


3. Family Handprint Christmas Tree

Christmas tree made out of handprints

Photo by: Mama Smiles

This variation on a family tree is a fun way to get the whole family involved. Trace everyone’s hands on green paper and cut them out. Arrange them in the shape of a tree, with the smallest hands on top and largest on the bottom.


4. Toilet Roll Reindeer

Reindeer made from toilet rolls

Photo by: Happy Hooligans

Break out your textured paper and googly eyes to transform a simple toilet paper roll into an adorable reindeer ornament. Not only are these fun to make, they will also add some personality to your tree.


5. Tissue Paper Wreath

wreath made out of tissue paper

Photo by: Happiness is Homemade

Welcome your guests this season with a festive Christmas wreath. This craft is easy for kids to make and can be created with just a few supplies. Use green tissue paper or get creative with your tissue paper color choice for a more personalized wreath.


6. Felt Candy Ornaments

candy shapes being made from felt

Photo by: Happiness is Homemade

Make the sweet tooth in your family a less sugary version of their favorite treat. These felt candy ornaments can be made in many shapes and sizes. They are sure to brighten up any tree!


7. Tin Can Tree

tin cans stacked to look like a tree

Photo by: Babble Dabble Do

Do your kids love stacking blocks? If so, they’ll love stacking cans! Repurpose old food cans by removing any sharp edges and painting them green. Add fun details like bows and garlands and top it off with a star.


8. Felt Christmas Gnome

gnome made out of felt

Photo by: Hey Let’s Make Stuff

Add some whimsy to your Christmas decor by creating a gnome character out of a mason jar and some felt. To make this Christmas craft even more jolly, use the pattern to create Santa and his elf helpers.


9. Simple Paper Tree

christmas tree made out of paper

Photo by: Creatiful Kids

For a classic Christmas paper craft, use a sheet of green construction paper and a paper towel roll to create a Christmas tree. Add glitter and stars and your craft will be sure to shine brightly.


10. Dinosaur Cloche

dinosaur figurine in a cloche

Photo by: Pillar Box Blue

For kids going through a dinosaur phase or parents who never grew out of it, this cloche is the perfect Christmas craft. Featuring a stylish gold dinosaur paired with a painted pinecone, this cute cloche is fun to make and to gift.


11. Glowing Snow Globe

glowing snow globe

Photo by: Fun at Home With Kids

Work with your kids to create a craft that will provide them with hours of entertainment. Create the snow globe with winter characters, glitter and tonic water, and use a blacklight to make it glow.


12. Glitter Ornaments

ornaments with glitter in them

These glitter ornaments are simple to make and give your tree a little bit of sparkle. Fill clear plastic ornaments with glitter confetti of different colors. Try including white glitter to give the illusion of snow.


13. Cinnamon Stick Trees

cinnamon stick trees with ribbon

Photo by: This Grandma is Fun

These holiday ornaments look and smell good. Tie bright ribbons to a cinnamon stick so that they form the shape of a tree. Don’t forget to add a bow to the top!


14. Mason Jar Lid Wreaths

wreath made out of a mason jar lid

Photo by: Sadie Seasongoods

Repurpose your mason jar lids into festive Christmas wreaths. Play around with different ribbon and rope to make yours even more special. Give them as gifs or hang them as ornaments on your tree.


15. Reindeer Treats

snacks with reindeer faces

Photo by: The Melrose Family

Lift your kids’ spirits by adding Christmas cheer to their lunch box. Add a bell nose, googly eyes and some pipe cleaners to transform a snack into a reindeer.


16. Salt Painting Christmas Art

christmas tree made out of a salt painting

Photo by: Meri Cherry

This winter wonderland craft can be done with kids of all ages and skill levels. Create a pattern with tape and paint around it, sprinkling salt on the wet paint. When it dries, remove the tape and salt to reveal your masterpiece.


17. Cinnamon Stick Reindeer Ornament

ornament made out of cinnamon sticks

Photo by: Creative Homemaking

This simple but cute Christmas craft is easy to make and will give your tree a cinnamon scent. Create a Rudolph ornament by gluing together cinnamon sticks and adding eyes and a red nose.


18. Tissue Paper Stained Glass

stained glass pattern made out of tissue paper

Photo by: And Next Comes L

Dress up your windows with some stained glass artwork. Design colorful Christmas light shapes out of layered tissue paper and tape them to your window. When the light shines through them you and your neighbors by will be able to enjoy their beauty.


19. String Christmas Tree Ornament

cardboard wrapped with string

This Christmas craft for kids is easy to create and looks amazing every time! Cut a piece of cardboard into a triangle shape and wrap green yarn or thread around it. For a finishing touch, add a snowflake or star on the top.


20. Wood Slice Santa Ornaments

santa faces painted on wood ornaments

Photo by: The Country Chic Cottage

Recreate the classic Santa face as a rustic tree decoration. Paint a slice of wood with red, white and black paint. Add a red pom-pom as the final touch.


21. Christmas Tree Thumbprint Art

christmas tree cards made out of thumbprints

Photo by: A Dab of Glue Will Do

This Christmas craft is perfect for the kids who love finger painting. Try using different colored paint or designs to create a portfolio of Christmas paintings. This technique can also be used when constructing homemade Christmas cards.


22. DIY Snow Globes

DIY snow globe

Photo by: Crazy Little Projects

If you live in a warm climate, embrace the winter spirit by making a snowy wonderland with your kids. These DIY snow globes are easy to make and your kids will have fun picking out the perfect toy to include in them.


23. Christmas Sensory Bottle

sensory bottle with christmas items

Photo by: The Best Ideas for Kids

Sensory bottles are a tool parents can use to help relax their kids. If the chaos of the Christmas season is affecting your child’s behavior, this is the craft for you. Watching the floating glitter and snowflakes will leave them feeling calm.


24. Candy Cane Slime

candy cane made from slime

Photo by: The Best Ideas for Kids

Slime is a fun craft to make and provides kids with hours of entertainment. Embrace the holiday theme by creating a red and white slime recipe that you can twist together to make a candy cane pattern.


25. Melted Snowman Popcorn

jar decorated like a snowman

Photo by: The Melrose Family

Spend time with your kids making holiday gifts for their teachers. Cook up this popcorn medley and fill mason jars with it. Then break out the craft supplies and turn the jar into a snowman. This sweet treat also works as gifts for neighbors or friends.


26. Jingle Bell Slime

glitter slime with bells in it

Photo by: Little Bins For Little Hands

This slime is not only festive but musical too! Simply mix together these glittery gold and silver concoctions and add jingle bells. Your kids will have a blast making this and playing with it for weeks to come.


27. Reindeer Puppets

reindeer puppets with messages inside

Photo by: Kids Craft Room

Puppets are fun to play with and double as cute greeting cards as well. These deer head puppets can easily be made with items you already have in your craft supplies. Add a clever message inside and your kids can give them to their friends or teachers.


28. Paper Christmas Tree Ornament

paper ornament with tree on it

Photo by: Twitchetts

Use colorful construction paper to craft this simple paper ornament. The round shape resembles a snow globe, but you won’t have to worry about it falling off the tree and creating a mess.


29. DIY Paper Lights

christmas lights made out of paper

Photo by: Munchkin Time

Craft your own holiday lights in bright colors. These DIY paper lights can be strung on your tree, hung in the window or placed along the mantle.


30. Felt Candy Cane Ornament

candy cane made out of felt

Is your child a more advanced crafter? Have them practice their sewing skills with these felt candy cane ornaments. Cut two candy cane shapes out of felt and sew them together. When you are halfway done sewing, stuff the candy cane shape with cotton and then add the final stitches.


31. Soda Cap Snowmen

snowmen made out of soda caps

Glue together three soda caps to make a snowman shape. Add cute buttons, bows and pom poms to mimic clothes, scarves and mufflers.


32. Coloring Stocking

paper stocking you can color

Photo by: Bugaboo City

Encourage your kid’s creativity with these coloring stockings. Print out the templates and let them color them as they please. Then tie the two sides together to create a stocking.


33. Wooden Reindeers

reindeers made out of wooden stumps

For a cute place card, have your kids make these wooden reindeers. Simply glue reindeer heads, which can be made of paper or bought in wood, to a wooden base. Attach a name card or lean it against the wooden base.


34. Reindeer Thumbprint Ornament

ornament with thumbprint reindeers

Photo by: Little Bit Funky

Transform plain blue ornaments into personalized ones with this reindeer thumbprint ornament craft. This DIY can be done in a short time and is a perfect gift for family members.


35. Toilet Paper Roll Gingerbread

gingerbread men made out of toilet paper rolls

Photo by: Meaningful Mama

Put your old toilet paper rolls to use by transforming them into gingerbread men. These gingerbread men and women can sit on your mantle through the holiday season.


36. Cork Reindeer Ornament

reindeer heads made from cork

Photo by: Vicky Barone

Use old corks to create new reindeer faces to hang on your tree. Simply use sparkly pipe cleaners as the antlers and a pom-pom as the nose and your cork will resemble Rudolf in no time.


37. Handprint Christmas Wreath

christmas wreaths made from handprints

Photo by: My Name is Snickerdoodle

Help your child create a piece of holiday decor they will be proud to hang on the front door. Trace their hands on a piece of paper, cut them out and fashion them into a circle. Add any extra details you want, such as berries or bows.


38. Sock Snowman

snowman made out of socks

Photo by: One Creative Mommy

Recreate your favorite snowman character out of socks! This craft is fun to make and brings a great deal of holiday joy to your Christmas decor.


39. Christmas Song Decorations

wreath made with christmas song lyrics

Adorn a grapevine wreath with flowers made out of your favorite Christmas song lyrics. Print the lyrics on colored paper and then cut the paper into petal and leaf shapes. Then glue the paper to the wreath in a flower shape.


40. Paper Plate Santa

paper plate with santa face

Create a Santa face on a paper plate. Have your child cut out a circle shape for the head and a triangle for the hat. Glue on cotton balls for the beard and the top of the hat. For the final touches, add eyes, a nose and plenty of glitter.


41. Chair Decorations

reindeer hanging on a chair

Are you hosting Christmas at your house? Recruit your kids to make chair decorations. Have them cut out reindeer shapes from felt and hang them on the back of chairs with some greenery.


42. Christmas Coloring Pages

kid coloring christmas coloring page

Fill the long rainy days with a little color by giving your kids Christmas coloring pages. These pages can be decorated with crayons and pencils or even paint and glitter. A coloring book is an easy craft that your child can be creative with.


43. 3D Snowflake

3d hanging snowflake

Making snowflakes with your kids teaches them about shapes and symmetry. Try creating these 3D hanging snowflakes by tripling up on the paper when you cut them out and then gluing the three snowflakes together.


44. Painted Pinecones

person painting pinecones

For a festive craft that includes nature, try collecting and painting pinecones. Use acrylic paints in a variety of colors. These pine cones can be strung on the tree or used to decorate the mantle.


45.Cinnamon Ornaments

ornaments made out of cinnamon

Photo by: Fountain Avenue Kitchen

These ornaments look like tasty gingerbread cookies but are really a mixture of applesauce, cinnamon and glue. Create fun shapes with cookie cutters and decorate with glitter and beads. Keep in mind this craft might not be suitable for younger children who could be in danger of consuming it.


46. Building Block Ornament

ornament made out of blocks

Photo by: Honey + Lime

If your children are a fan on building blocks, try using them to make Christmas ornaments. Add a photo in the middle and the date on the back of it so you can look back at it for years to come.


47. Rustic Angels

angels made out of wood

To add a rustic touch to your mantle, help your children create these angels. For crafting beginner, make the wings and head out of paper or felt. Advanced crafters may choose to make them out of paper-mâché.


48. Reindeer Food

package of reindeer food

Photo by: Personal Creations

Are your kids counting down the days until Santa arrives? Along with the traditional milk and cookies, try leaving out some reindeer food. This reindeer food recipe is an easy craft that you and your kids can make together.


49. Reindeer Bags

paper bags made into reindeers

Photo by: Kid Friendly Things To Do

Is your kid’s class having a holiday party? Volunteer to make these cute reindeer bags and enlist your children as your helpers. They’ll need to search the yard for sticks to create these fun goodie bags.


50. Potato Stamp Wrapping Paper

potato stamp sits on table

Photo by: Personal Creations

Your children will have a blast with this craft and will enjoy telling friends and family that they made the wrapping paper the gift came in. If your kids are young, create the potato stamp yourself and let them do the stamping part.


Now that you have an idea of some easy Christmas crafts for kids, your home will be filled with art and creativity. For an extra homey touch, try pairing the DIY ornaments with unique personalized ornaments you can admire for many years to come.