At the start of 2017, New Year’s resolutions were surely on everyone’s minds: going to the gym, learning a new language, or trying something new once a month. To us, however, one of the most important resolutions a person can make doesn’t just concern them, but also their loved ones. Whether it’s setting a goal to go on more date nights, working on your communication, or taking time each day to express your love and appreciation, relationship resolutions can help to make 2017 the best year yet for your relationship.

In order to inspire others to make their own relationship resolutions this year, we provided some of our favorite relationship gurus with an anniversary gift to serve as a reminder of the resolution they set with their spouse. Read more about their resolutions below.


Lori Schumaker

Lori Schumaker of her self-titled blog reflected on the moments in her life, both good and bad, that make her feel grateful for her precious relationships with her husband and each of her children. Her resolution for 2017 is to use her personalized canvas to remind her each day of the wonderful moments in her life that she shares with her family. She encourages her readers to remember the precious moments in their own lives, especially in moments of weakness; it is these precious moments, she says, that will help them through. To see Lori’s post in full, you can find her blog post here.


The Long Way to Go

Cheryl of The Long Way to Go celebrated 29 years of marriage with her husband Terry! After 29 years, their resolution for 2017 is to focus on and improve their relationship. To better understand themselves and each other, they both took the Myers-Briggs personality test. This insight into how they both operate has allowed them to improve their communication skills, an area of their relationship that they have chosen to focus on this year. Congratulations on 29 years, Cheryl and Terry!  Check out Cheryl’s full post here.


Dawn Klinge

Dawn Klinge, also of her self-titled blog,  who just celebrated 20 years of marriage with her husband, has resolved to invite more hygge into her life in 2017. What’s hygge, you ask? According to Dawn, hygge is a Danish concept that roughly translates to ‘taking pleasure in the simple rituals in life’, such as sharing a meal or curling up with a good book. She and her husband are using their couple’s quilt as a reminder to find joy in the little things in life.  To learn more about hygge, click here.


Marine Corps Nomads

Heather of Marine Corps Nomads met her husband when they were in junior high. Throughout their relationship, they have learned that “happily ever after doesn’t just happen.” As their relationship resolution for this year, they are choosing to continue to make their relationship a priority by spending more time together. Whether it’s rock climbing or even fixing a car engine, they are making the most of the time they have together.  You can find Heather’s full post here.