As moms, we all know the stigma attached to the dreaded “mom jeans,” but what about “mom hair?” When the ponytail becomes your best beauty friend and you wear an elastic band as a bracelet for the express purpose of whipping your hair back at a moment’s notice, you may be entering the zone. Totally understandable, of course. Finding time for a full on shampoo/styling product/blowout/curling iron/flat iron session in between all those cooking/cleaning/raising small humans/working/accident preventing sessions? Yeah, right.

So yes, the perma-ponytail is understandable. But it’s also unnecessary. With just a few very easy twists, tucks and braids, you can transform that ponytail into a pretty, polished version or upgrade to an easy updo, all within minutes.

Click through these links for full tutorials and kiss “mom hair” goodbye.

**Note – at first glance some of the how-tos look very involved and time consuming, but that’s because they are detailed. Once you get hands-on, all of these styles are truly fast and easy.

The Messy Side Ponytail

messy side ponytail

Let’s start simple. This pony variation from A Cup of Jo adds interest and just a touch of glamour to our everyday go-to style. Just take your usual messy low ponytail, create some volume on top, then pull it to the side and add a strategic pin or two. In this case, messy is actually a good thing.

The “Not Just a Ponytail”

not just a ponytail

Take it up a level with this style from The Small Things Blog. A few easy criss cross sections and you’ll see how this is not just a ponytail.

The Vintage Ponytail

vintage ponytail

The Beauty Department shows you how to pull off a very polished and glamorous look with a vintage feel. Keep it sleek for a Sandy from “Grease” vibe or mess it up a la Brigitte Bardot.

The Side Sweep Ponytail

side sweep ponytail

Another brilliant variation from A Cup of Jo. This style literally takes seconds but the impact is big. Leave a few wispy pieces around your face for extra softness.

The Casual Side Braid

casual side braid

This one from Cupcakes and Cashmere is great if you have shorter hair and need some different styling options. Admittedly, if you’re new to French braiding, this one will take a little more time to master, but once you learn, it’s a breeze.

The Twist & Flip Bun

twist and flip bun

If you’re heading to a dressy event or maybe just want a quick, elegant look for a night out, try this bun from The Beauty Department. Do a ponytail, twist, tease, wrap, done.

The French Twist

french twist

An all-time favorite, classic do, the French Twist actually looks much more difficult than it is. Again, The Beauty Department gives an excellent how-to. This style is about as perfect as it gets. Day, night, work, home – so easy and so pretty.

Now that you’re armed with some easy new styles, you may even forget how to do a ponytail. Ok, let’s not start talking crazy. Tell us in the comments if we’ve inspired you! Which styles will you try and how do you like them?