You love showcasing your little artiste’s masterpieces. But what do you do after you’ve filled every inch of the fridge door with magneted-on drawings?

Don’t despair. Plain, fancy or in-between, these ideas for ever-changing displays fit the bill. You and your kids will be proud to show off both the art and how it’s presented when relatives and friends come to visit.

Hang it Up

Things you’ll need:

  • Twine
  • Hooks or nails
  • Clothespins
  • Glue
  • Curtain rod system

Hang art from a clothesline. Tie some twine between two hooks or nails on the wall and hang the pictures with clothespins. You can dress up the display by gluing decorations such as buttons to the nailheads. Get your little one’s input on which decorations go with their favorite artwork

Display Your Kids' Artwork Things You'll Need

Or use one of those nifty curtain rod systems that come with clips that slide on the rod. Just mount the rod to a wall, thread the clips on the rod and hang your child’s pictures from the clips. Any way you want to hang it, you can add or change pictures in a flash. 

Unique Ways to Display Your Kids’ Artwork  hang it up

Repurpose Wooden Hangers

Things you’ll need:

  • Wooden hangers
  • Paint
  • Decorations such as fabric, buttons, sequins or glitter

Wooden hangers with clips can hold more than pants and skirts! Attach the top of a drawing or painting to the clips and hang the hanger from a hook mounted on a wall, pegboard or bulletin board. Leave the hanger’s wooden frame plain for a natural look, or decorate with paint and your child’s name or initial.

Unique Ways to Display Your Kids’ Artwork repurpose hangers

Get fancy with decoupage, by pasting on scrapbook paper or fabric. To add sparkle, spread decoupage medium on the hanger and coat with glitter, or wrap with shiny sequin strands.

Unique Ways to Display Your Kids’ Artwork

Make a Mug

Print a mug with your child’s artwork. Scan the masterpiece or photograph it with a good digital camera. For best results, use photo-editing software to get a crisp, clear image with bright colors.

Unique Ways to Display Your Kids’ Artwork

The possibilities are endless — how about a set of personalized mugs for each member of the family? Or serve seasonal drinks in matching mugs — autumn leaves with hot cider, for example, or hot chocolate from within a snow scene.

Print a Welcome Mat

Welcome guests with an artistic expression. Commission your little Michelangelo to produce a large, high-resolution image that you can reprint on a doormat.  You might even want to have your child’s drawing or painting professionally scanned before uploading to get the best possible quality copy on your one-of-a-kind doormat.

Keep a Time Capsule

Things you’ll need:

  • Keepsake box


Store your child’s artwork in a time capsule. Tuck small art pieces into a personalized keepsake box to open at a special time, such as a milestone birthday years from now. Have your child decorate a greeting card or tag and list her favorite things. Take photos of your child holding larger art pieces and print them in a size that will fit in the box.

Include crafts and keepsakes, such as a handmade ornament, lanyard or friendship bracelet. Once your keepsake box is full, store it in a safe place – in a location you’ll remember. You and your child will get a kick out of opening the box years from now and reliving the memories.

Unique Ways to Display Your Kids’ Artwork keepsake box

Share Your Ideas

From mini-canvases to fancy frames, there are many more ways to display kids’ art around your home. However you choose to transform the artwork, what really matters is that your little artist gets to show it off around the house. Post your thoughts and discoveries in the comments and share the inspiration.

nique Ways to Display Your Kids’ Artwork May 22, 2014