Stockings are one of the most deeply personal pieces of Christmas decor that you’ll break out during the holiday season, and each one can say something unique about a member of your family. On the other hand, if you purchased your stockings when your children were growing up, they may be looking a bit outdated. Stockings are quick and easy methods of dressing up your mantel for the holidays, and they are available in countless styles. As an added bonus, personalized Christmas stockings will help you put a one-of-a-kind stamp on your decorations that stay brilliant for years to come. Keep a few of these styles in mind when you’re looking for a fabulous addition to your mantel.

1. Argyle. Knit argyle is one of the patterns that let people know that winter is on its way, and it is a perfect accent for your Christmas decorations. A set of argyle stockings for the whole family is a refreshing way to decorate your home and they can be personalized with your loved one’s names across the top. They are available in varying patterns and topped off with a charming snowball fringe hanging from the top.

Velvet Argyle Stockings

2. Quilted velvet stockings. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more versatile and will add a bit of texture to your living space, a quilted velveteen stocking can add an elegant accent to your mantel. The stockings feature a delightful beaded snowflake across the front of the piece, and the top brim can be customized with your family members’ names. The stockings can bring some contemporary flair to your holiday decorations and are available in red, green or white.

3. Hunting stockings. Some Christmas decorations may seem out of place, especially if you’ve decorated your home with a traditional interior design. Rustic hunting stockings are great for families that love the outdoors, and they can be embroidered with your family members’ names, and a choice between a moose, elk, bear or fish across the front. These items can be a fitting way to show your love of the splendors of nature, while giving your home an instant face lift during the holidays.

Stockings are an essential facet to any Christmas decorative scheme, so make sure that your loved ones have one that they’ll be excited to dig into when Christmas morning rolls around.