grandparents and grandchildYour parents’ wedding anniversary is a special day for them. It’s a day that brings back memories of some of the happiest day of their lives and is the perfect excuse for a weekend getaway or romantic dinner. Your parents have come a long way together, through thick and thin, hard times and good times. Show them you love them by honoring them on their anniversary. Whether it’s a landmark anniversary like a 25th, or an “in between” anniversary, like their 27th, a wedding anniversary occurs only once a year so make it a day to remember. Our guide to anniversary gifts for parents will help you find a gift they’ll love and cherish for all of their future years together.

Family Ties

If you are a parent you know that family is life’s most precious commodity. Your children are forever and always in your thoughts, and getting to spend time with them or chat on the phone is a treat you look forward to. It goes without saying then, that gifts that celebrate the bond between parents and their children are always received well.

Has anyone in your family ever traced your family history? If you have access to the information, a comprehensive family tree or genealogy chart makes a great gift that your parents will love. If you prepare well in advance, you can record your grandparents’ oral history and turn the stories into a written book. Record sessions with your grandparents on both sides if possible, and present the stories in a leather-bound book for your parents to read. These are things we never “get around to,” and are the perfect gifts for your parents anniversary. Of course there are much simpler ways to celebrate family. Photo mugs are cute and clever and easier to create than you would think. Photo frames with pictures of family are also thrilling for parents, and to them, artwork made by their grandchildren is more precious than any Picasso could ever be.

anniversary pewter platterAnniversary Keepsakes

You will know whether or not your parents are keepsake collectors. Usually a hobby mom takes on, collecting keepsakes may have started as early as your parents’ first date. If your mom is a collector, she probably has a lock of hair from your first haircut, or the hospital wristband from your birth. Maybe she collected the plane tickets from that vacation to the Bahamas or maybe she has a set of commemorative spoons from Charles and Diana’s wedding stashed in a drawer.

Anniversary keepsakes are the perfect gift for the collector. Our charming glazed earthenware anniversary platter features a hand painted pair of kissing lovebirds. Other great gifts for keepsake collectors are our anniversary pewter plate, crystal wedding clock or anniversary throw.

The Gift of Art


The home is where the heart is, and your parents’ place is a retreat where family and friends are welcome. Parents, and moms especially, love to decorate their environment. If your parents are retired, their home is somewhere they spend much of their time. Decorative gifts that remind them of their children make perfect anniversary gifts for mom and dad. A personalized wall art canvas, using photos of their kids or grandkids is precious in their book. Put some thought into personalized wall art, because chances are, it will be displayed prominently for years to come in the living room.

The Funny Side

For children of “funny” parents, the journey through childhood and adolescence was bittersweet. The same parents that had you giggling through the early years of your life, embarrassed you half to death throughout high school, and into college. But whether you knew it or not as a teenager, you were actually the envy of all of your friends. Only now as an adult, can you fully appreciate how lucky you are to have comedians as parents. Now that you’ve started to value their whacky humor again, pay tribute to it with comical and witty gifts made especially for jocular and light-hearted parents on their anniversary.

Celebrate Their Differences

When a couple gets hitched, it is wise for them to avoid becoming too similar. The idea is for them to remain themselves; after all, they each bring something unique and interesting to the relationship. It would be pretty boring if each person in a married couple became just like the other, so they keep their own hobbies and interests, while enjoying others together. She might like playing poker while he prefers bridge, and perhaps she enjoys tennis while he enjoys golf. It doesn’t matter if it is their first anniversary or if you are looking for 40th anniversary gifts, there is never an incorrect time to celebrate your parents’ marriage.