October’s birthstones are pink tourmaline and opal. Tourmaline, the primary birthstone, is rare because it is one of the few gems that can be found in almost every color. Some pink tourmalines have a clarity as transparent as diamonds! Opals, on the other hand, are said to have every color in them. Add some variety to your special someone’s life with an October birthstone gift.

Pink Tourmaline Symbolism

In the past, pink and red tourmalines have been confused for rubies. Pink tourmalines are most differentiated by their electric properties. When heated, they yield a positive charge at one side and a negative on the other. This means they are capable of attracting other particles. Alchemists valued these properties, believing the tourmaline was closely related to the philosopher’s stone, an object that would grant enlightenment.

What do pink tourmalines represent? The pink tourmaline is directly related to emotions and one’s heart chakra. The stone represents love and the healing of emotions.

Opals are also considered the birthstone for the month of October. The Greek root of the word ‘opal’ means, “to see a change in color.” It was given this name due to the rainbow of colors one can see in an opal stone. Although wearing the gem is viewed as good luck, the superstitious believe that the luck is reversed if you were not born in October.

What do opals represent? The opal represents confidence and faithfulness. The stones are worn to keep away evil and protect eyesight.

Libra and Scorpio Traits

The astrological signs for October birthdays are Libra (September 23 – October 22) and Scorpio (October 23 – November 21).

Libras are fair and peaceful people. They value relationships and find balance in compromising. Libras prefer to keep the peace when possible, so asking them to choose a side will not go over well.

  • A libra woman is charming and solution-oriented. She enjoys surrounding herself with people she can speak with who will also listen.
  • A libra man is attracted to beauty, which can sometimes deem him superficial. He values confidence but is intimidated by deep or emotional talks.

Scorpios are direct, assertive, and passionate people. They seek answers and will persevere until one is found. Scorpios value longtime friendships, but it’s necessary to be honest and direct to stay in their good graces.

  • A scorpio woman is fascinatingly complex. She is forceful but can also be secretive. But don’t let this mislead you, although she may come on strong, she has great capacity for kindness.
  • A scorpio man loves a challenge. He wants the chase and to be seduced, but still seeks honesty in relationships.

Marigold Symbolism

October’s birth flower is the Marigold. It is native to the Mediterranean and is known as being a bright orange color with specks of gold. There are just about 50 species of marigolds. Marigolds were spread throughout Europe by the Spanish conquistadors who brought it home to Spain. These flowers are unique in that their bloom period spans nearly the entire year.

What do marigold’s represent? The orange marigold is the most popular, representing creativity and passion. Other varieties come in yellow, gold and red. These colors promote cheerfulness and joy.

October has many important dates in history and is a month of many interesting celebrities, holidays and public figures.

  • The end of October is the only time when the four major American sports (MLB, NHL, NFL, and NBA) have games at the same time.
  • The second Monday of every October is Columbus Day.
  • October is sometimes referred to as the presidential month because more presidents have been born in it than any other month, including Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower.
  • October contains the famous holidays of Halloween and Oktoberfest. October 3rd marks the end of Oktoberfest, the world’s largest folk festival located in Germany. October 31st is celebrated in the US as Halloween, a day where people dress up in costume and eat candy.

Famous Birthdays in October

  • Mahatma Gandhi, leader of Indian Independence Movement-October 2
  • John Lennon, singer-songwriter for The Beatles-October 9
  • Carrie Fisher, actress known as Princess Leia in Star Wars-October 21
  • Drake, rapper-October 24
  • Pablo Picasso, Spanish painter-October 25
  • Julia Roberts, actress-October 28
  • Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft-October 28

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