The birthstones for November are citrine and topaz. Citrine, the primary birthstone is named after the citrus fruit due to its yellow-orange color. Topaz is also commonly yellow and easily confused for citrine. Regardless of your preference, these stones will make the perfect birthstone gift to brighten your special someone’s day.

Citrine and Topaz Symbolism

Citrine’s yellow color is caused by specks of iron found in the quartz crystal. The ancient Egyptians as well as the Romans used the stone in jewelry. It made a huge comeback during the Art Deco period in the 19th century and was often sculpted into accessories for the Hollywood elite. The stone is not as rare as some, enabling jewelers to craft large gems to make a bold statement.

What does citrine represent? Citrine is said to reduce anger and create calmness in the mind. It is a self-healing stone, cleansing the body of any negative attributes. It harnesses the power of the sun, bringing happiness to one’s life.

November’s other birthstone option is topaz. This stone is often confused with citrine and for a while it was believed that they were the same. This is due to the yellow color. At one time all yellow gems were thought to be topaz. Topaz is actually available in many colors and variations such as imperial topaz (the most prized) or blue topaz (very rare).

What does topaz represent? Topaz represents love and affection. It is said to be the bringer of abundance, granting the wearer a happy and fulfilled life.

Scorpio and Sagittarius Traits

Astrological signs for November are Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) and Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21).

Scorpios are direct, assertive, and passionate people. They seek answers and will persevere until one is found. Scorpios value longtime friendships, but it’s necessary to be honest and direct to stay in their good graces.

  • A scorpio woman is fascinatingly complex. She is forceful but can also be secretive. Don’t let this mislead you, although she may come on strong she has great capacity for kindness.
  • A scorpio man loves a challenge. He wants the chase and to be seduced, but still seeks honesty in relationships.

Sagittarius’ were made to travel the world. They are curious and energetic, able to turn their thoughts into actions. They have an open mind, enjoy freedom, and aren’t constrained by details.

  • A sagittarius woman is fun, outgoing, friendly, and sometimes a little wild. She speaks her mind and values independence.
  • A sagittarius man loves adventure and is excited by the endless possibilities life has to offer. He is a thinker, interested in philosophy, religion, and the meaning of everything.

Chrysanthemum Symbolism

The November flower is the chrysanthemum. It is known as a very diverse plant, coming in many colors and variations. It is in the daisy family and typically blooms in the fall. In China in the 15th century BC the flowers were utilized as herbs.

What do chrysanthemums represent? The chrysanthemum symbolizes optimism and joy. The red flowers can represent true love, while the white can represent virtue. These flowers are often given on Mother’s Day.

November has many important dates in history and is a month of many interesting celebrities and public figures.

  • November is known as National Beard Month or Movember in the US and Canada.
  • US Presidential elections are held every 4 years on the first Tuesday in November.
  • The Holland Tunnel, the first mechanically ventilated underwater tunnel in the world, opened in November 1927 in New York City
  • In Indiana, November is the month in which people are most likely to hit a deer while driving.

Famous Birthdays in November

  • Emma Stone, actress-November 6
  • Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone-November 6
  • Marie Curie, first woman to win a Nobel Prize-November 7
  • Gordon Ramsay, chef and restaurateur-November 8
  • Grace Kelly, film actress-November 12
  • Ryan Gosling, actor-November 12
  • Jimi Hendrix, singer and musician-November 27

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