September’s birthstone is the sapphire. Although sapphires can come in many color variations, they are most commonly recognized as having a light blue hue. A brilliant blue sapphire may be the perfect birthstone gift for your loved one this month. This unique color will be as eye-catching as the person wearing it.

Sapphire Symbolism

The word sapphire has Greek and Latin roots both meaning blue. It has had significant importance throughout history in many different religious contexts, viewed as one of the most precious gems. Rulers of ancient Persia in 800 B.C. believed the sky got its color from reflecting sapphire stones. The Greeks wore a sapphire at Delphi when seeking wisdom from the Oracle at Apollo’s shrine and later in the 12th century, kings wore them to ward off negative thoughts and as a form of protection.

What do sapphires represent? Sapphires represent royalty, wisdom and protection from harm and evil. They are said to eliminate nerves, providing you with a clear mind to make important decisions.

September Astrological Signs: Virgo and Libra

The astrological signs for September birthdays are Virgo (August 22 – September 22) and Libra (September 23 – October 22).

Virgos are hard workers who are very detail-oriented. They are both loyal and kind, ready to help any friend in need. However, sometimes they can be too critical of themselves and others.

  • A virgo woman posses common sense and is caring. She eases into relationships, but once she is sure, you’ll have her full commitment.
  • A virgo man is very intelligent and capable. He is always ready to better the world around him.

Libras are fair and peaceful people. They value relationships and find balance in compromising. Libras prefer to keep the peace when possible, so asking them to choose a side will not go over well.

  • A libra woman is charming and solution-oriented. She enjoys surrounding herself with people she can speak with who will also listen.
  • A libra man is attracted to beauty, which can sometimes deem him superficial. He values confidence but is intimidated by deep or emotional talks.

Aster Symbolism

September’s birth flower is the Aster. Aster gets its name from the Greek word “star,” due to its resemblance in shape. In ancient times the plant was used for medicinal purposes. These September flowers bloom in the fall and can be found in pink, red, white, lilac, or mauve.

What do Asters represent? Asters are said to symbolize faith, love, and wisdom. The purple variations embody wisdom and royalty, while the reds and pinks epitomize undying devotion.

September has many important dates in history and is a month of many interesting celebrities and public figures.

  • September marks the beginning of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • This month used to be the seventh month of the Roman calendar, containing 29 and 31 days. It was later changed by Emperor Augustus to 30 days.
  • September is called Harvest Month by the Swiss because it’s when crops are harvested.
  • The most well known holiday in September is Labor Day, celebrated on the first Monday the month.

Famous Birthdays in September

  • Beyoncé, singer-songwriter – September 4
  • Jimmy Fallon, actor, comedian, and TV host – September 19
  • Stephen King, author – September 21
  • Bruce Springsteen, singer-songwriter – September 23
  • Will Smith, actor – September 25
  • Serena Williams, tennis champion – September 26
  • Confucius, renowned Chinese teacher and prophet – September 28

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