Giving gifts is very special. It’s exciting to see the reactions of people as they open your gift, and know you made their day. 

When it comes to birthdays, you’ve probably given dozens of gifts and received plenty, however choosing the right gift isn’t always easy. What makes a gift special can be anything from the necessity of the gift to the thoughtfulness of it. But what we found people valued most was personalization. 

We surveyed 1000 people and asked them how much they would spend on people, how much they think people would spend on them and what people look for in a gift. 41% of people said personalization helps to make the perfect gift, over practicality and affordability. That’s almost half of the participants! 

Learn how to choose the right gift for September birthday babies and what types of personalization is valued most!

Based on our results, people are willing to give more than they expect to receive. They also expect people they are close with to spend more on them, such as immediate family and a significant other. Choosing what kind of gift to personalize was pretty split, but everyone across the board appreciates customization.

Though there are endless ways to personalize gifts, four of the most popular methods are with a name, pictures, quotes or monograms. Show a loved one you care by adding their name to a coffee mug they can use every morning, or give a personalized infinity canvas to display your infinite love.

A quote could be a great gift on a canvas or pillow for an upcoming birthday, and inspire the recipient every time they see it. Or you could opt for a simple and classic form or personalization — a monogram! Monograms are great to add to jewelry or wedding gifts.

No matter the type of personalization, when it comes to gifts for family and friends, you want to give them something that they’ll cherish forever. That’s why personalized gifts are popular amongst all, and the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion!