Have you started to notice the crispness in the air or the smell of pumpkin spice lattes floating around your office? That can only mean one thing – fall is officially here! As the temperature drops and we pull out our fall sweaters from the back of the closet, the comfort food cravings kick in. That means warm soups are on the menu. We gathered a list of recipes from classics like beef chili and French onion to new favorites like Thai pumpkin and cajun potato soup.

Since everyone is short on time as the holidays approach, we made sure our recipes were simple and delicious enough to put those cravings at bay. Have your grocery list ready, but don’t worry! We won’t add too many items to that shopping list. None of the recipes below have more than 8 ingredients. To make things even easier, we also made sure the prep time was minimal so it wouldn’t take up too much of your precious time.



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Many of the soups have several ingredients in common so you can try more than one without breaking the bank or purchasing a ton of groceries! If you are looking to make the most of your next trip to the store, we recommend stocking up on the following foods to get you through your winter soup cravings:

  • chicken broth
  • olive oil
  • onions
  • garlic
  • your favorite seasonings
  • canned tomatoes

Now that you have an easy dinner planned, you can use that extra time to start decorating for Halloween! It’s right around the corner so make sure you have all of your spooky decor and candy bowls ready! If you are still looking for costume ideas for your little ones, check out our list with 75 DIY costume ideas. The list is full of cute costumes that can be thrown together with items you have laying around the house.


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