When you’re asked to be in a wedding party, it can be both exciting and overwhelming. You may have a lot of questions, like when should you buy your suit? Or what is expected of groomsmen as the wedding date approaches?

That’s why we’ve created the ultimate guide to groomsmen duties. We’re sharing tips for exactly what’s expected of you, from before the proposal all the way up through the day of the wedding. Take the time to go through this list to determine if you’re on the right track and ready to take on the duties given to groomsmen.

When it comes to your good friend’s wedding, you will be there up at the altar on one of the biggest days of his life. With a special day comes funds to make the day happen, especially for the wedding party. From flying to the venue, to renting a tux and shoes, there are many things that groomsmen must pay for.

  • Wedding gift: A wedding gift is something that every guest is obligated to bring to the wedding. Since you are a groomsmen, you may also want to get a small token for the groom, like a personalized growler or flask.
  • Tux and shoes: Depending on the wedding, you will most likely need to purchase or rent a tux. In terms of shoes, as long as they fit the color scheme and are up to par with dress code, you should be able to wear shoes you own. If you haven’t purchased dress shoes, consider this a great investment.
  • Transportation (car/plane): Whether your buddy’s wedding is a few miles away or across the country, it’s important to budget the cost of travel. If flying far, make sure to book a few months before the wedding to ensure lower costs and less stress.
  • Hotel (if out of town): If you are attending a destination wedding, or live out of town from the venue, you’ll need to book a hotel. This can get pricey in more popular areas, so consider rooming with other groomsmen to save funds.
  • Bachelor party: Although the best man may take the lead on planning and financing of the bachelor party, it’s always a kind gesture to help pay for it.
  • Haircut (optional): A few days before the wedding, consider getting a haircut to keep your look fresh for the big day.

  • Help the groom pull off the perfect proposal. The day he tells you that he will be proposing, offer to help plan the special day. Help him choose the venue and help set the scene for the proposal.
  • Go with him to buy the ring. Whether he wants style advice or just needs a companion, he’ll thank you later for your support.

  • Help the best man plan the bachelor party. When it comes to the bachelor party, the planning can be extensive. Help him set a date and call places where you think the groom would be interested in celebrating. It’ll make the planning a lot easier for the both of you.
  • Request time off. Sounds simple enough, but it’s important to secure your vacation ahead of time. Determine how much time you’ll need to take off and figure out a transportation plan to get to the wedding.
  • Get your tux fitted. It’s important to get your tux fitted two to four months out to ensure completion by the big day. Send a group text to the other groomsmen and remind them to do the same.
  • Buy a wedding gift from the registry. Purchase a wedding gift from the registry a few months before the big day. You’ll have a better selection to choose from and you’ll avoid being the third person to buy the newlyweds a toaster.
  • Plan how you and the wedding party are going to decorate the “honeymoon car.” When the couple exits the reception, they’ll want to ride in style. Get together a few weeks before the wedding and discuss the decorations for their car.
  • Prepare a toast. The best man is obligated to give a speech, but other groomsmen may want to prepare a toast, flashmob or other fun activity as well. Write a 2-5 minute speech, or prepare a quick activity that you can share during the reception.

  • Attend the rehearsal dinner. This is a given, but it’s essential that every groomsman and bridesmaid attend the rehearsal dinner. It’s the perfect opportunity for one-on-one time with the rest of the wedding party. Don’t forget to give a speech!
  • Offer to help with guests’ accommodations. Some guests will likely be flying in from out-of-state for the wedding. Make it easier on the newlyweds and offer to drive guests to their accommodations for the evening.
  • Plan your walk-out dance with your corresponding bridesmaid. At the reception, you may be introduced with the bridesmaid you escorted during the recessional. Meet up before the wedding and spend a few minutes coordinating a dance you can impress the crowd with.

  • Get ready with the groom. Groomsmen should try to get the venue at least half an hour before the groom arrives. Why? You should be dressed and ready to help him with his suit and calm his nerves.
  • Greet and escort guests. If no ushers are appointed, it is typical for groomsmen to greet guests as they approach the ceremony and escort them to their proper seating. 
  • Walk down the aisle. Now is your big moment! Take your designated bridesmaid’s arm and walk down the aisle with grace. Then enjoy the rest of the evening, you deserve it!
  • Pose for pictures. After the ceremony is over, make sure the wedding party gets a few shots with the bride and the groom.
  • Give a toast. This can be at any time during the reception, but preferably after the best man and maid of honor give their speeches. Try an alternative to clinking your glass: raise your glass and stand to get the guests’ attention.
  • Help carry gifts to the car after the reception. Assist both families with the lugging of gifts and belongings to the car. They will be grateful for your help.

You are now ready to become the ultimate groomsman! By following these steps, you will be more than prepared to carry out your duties successfully. 

While this is a comprehensive guide, make sure and check in with the groom to ensure you are properly prepared. Wonder what duties your bridesmaid counterparts have? Check out this guide to learn all about the required bridesmaid duties!