Easter is a hop and a skip away, and that means family gatherings and holiday traditions. Everyone’s dressed in their Sunday best and are in good spirits welcoming Spring. Of course, none of those things are complete without the kids!

The kids are also dressed up and ready for holiday activities, frantic Easter egg hunts, chocolate eating marathons, and of course Easter crafts. After the chocolate rush has settled, and curiosities about the Easter Bunny have been vaguely satisfied, having kids gather ’round for crafting is the perfect activity. It will get their imaginations going and give them a souvenir to bring home!

We’ve designed some fun Easter egg coloring pages and templates just for the occasion. Check out our twelve designs below, which includes basic and detailed designs of Easter eggs. Basic ones are great for crafting as well as coloring.

The detailed eggs could be more suited for coloring, let your creativity guide the way! All Easter egg templates are available for free to print. Each design comes in small, medium, and large sizes–check out the templates below and get crafting!


With so many designs and sizes for variety, the kids will be sure to create something refrigerator worthy this Easter. If you’re looking to boost decoration more and complement your kids’ creations, check out our customized gifts and decorations for Easter and Spring.

After you’ve had a chance to try it out, let us know what you think about the printable Easter egg templates on Facebook and Twitter!