You’re going somewhere amazing for spring break, and are so excited you can hardly sit still. Get ready for adventure by starting your trip prepared. When visiting a new place, how do you know what you need? Or how much? We’re here to answer those questions.

Our ultra-handy packing planner, is an interactive tool to help you figure out what to pack according to climate, potential activities and length of travel. Answer a few questions by clicking the icons below and we’ll provide a packing checklist of appropriate clothes, toiletries, electronics and travel documents for your vacation. You can even customize the recommendations before printing.

Make your vacation extra special with some of these spring break essentials!

Who are you packing for?

What is the vacation destination?

Are you traveling?

What is the forecast?

How long is this trip?

Customize this list by selecting the checkboxes for the items most applicable for your trip. Then, print a list of just the items you want to bring.





Travel Documents


Custom Items

Have a few things you need to remember? Add them here to customize your packing checklist before printing.