Easter is coming and we’re so excited to welcome spring and say farewell to short, cold winter days. A fun way to celebrate the holiday is by getting crafty, and you’ll find lots of great ideas here. We’ve collected 62 Easter craft ideas from art projects to home décor to tasty treat creations. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to hop to it and get crafting!

Bunny Paper Bag Puppet

paper bag bunny puppet craft

You and your little one can use this easy craft from Glue Sticks and Gumdrops to put on an Easter puppet show. After a little bit of work with some construction paper and a paper bag, the kids will be ready to entertain the whole family.

Toilet Paper Roll Easter Stamps

toilet paper roll Easter egg and bunny stamps

Don’t recycle those toilet paper tubes just yet – Thoughts from Alice shows you a clever way to recycle them into Easter themed bunny and egg stamps for the kids.

Tissue Paper Easter Egg

tissue paper Easter egg art

Get hands-on with this colorful craft from School Time Snippets using tissue paper to create beautiful Easter egg artwork. You’ll find the printable egg template on her blog.

Craft Stick Easter Puzzles

wooden craft stick Easter puzzles

Kids will enjoy the artistic side of creating these Easter puzzles as well as the mental challenge in putting the puzzles back together. Find the simple instructions at Plain Vanilla Mom.

Easter Watercolor Activity

water color Easter art signs

This year, use artwork made by your sweet little ones to decorate for Easter. This idea from The New Modern Momma uses watercolor to create soft pastel colors that are perfect for the holiday.

Easter Egg Bunting

splatter paint Easter egg bunting garland decor

Though you may need to take this messy craft outside, kids will love this non-traditional method of painting. Plus, the final product makes for great Easter décor. Sun Hats and Wellie Boogs shares their fun idea to create Easter egg bunting.

Torn Paper Easter Egg

torn paper Easter egg art craft

Who knew ripped up paper could result in such a pretty piece of Easter art? Gather old magazines, construction paper, scrapbook paper, or any other scraps from the recycle bin to get started. Thanks to clare’s craftroom for the idea.

Marshmallow Easter Bunny

Easter bunny craft made with marshmallows

Kids will love creating these cute, fluffy bunnies while munching on their art supplies. Visit No Time for Flash Cards to see how to make marshmallow bunny art.

Bunny Masks

Easter bunny masks made with cotton balls

Does your little one like to play dress-up? Grab some construction paper, cotton balls and glue, and head over to Babyccino Kids to see how to make a fluffy bunny mask.

Footprint Carrots

footprint carrot Easter art

Hand and footprint art makes great gifts for relatives and grandparents. Using your child’s footprint, One Krieger Chick shows you how to create adorable Easter bunny and carrot crafts.

Crystal Eggs Science Activity

borax crystal Easter eggs science experiment

What starts out as a cool science experiment turns into beautiful Easter décor. With this project, learning is fun, and kids will love waking up and checking to see how the crystals have grown. Thanks to Little Bins for Little Hands for this unique idea.

Tissue Paper Chicks

tissue paper Easter chicks art

Adorable Easter chicks are as easy as a few scraps of tissue paper, googly eyes, and the directions from Simple as That.

Brussels Sprouts Stamped Crafts

stamped Easter bunny using Brussels sprouts

Did you know you could use vegetables from your kitchen as stamps? I Heart Crafty Things shows you how to take ordinary Brussels sprouts and use them to create a fluffy looking bunny craft.

Paper Plate Easter Chicks

paper plate Easter chicks craft

Help your kids get colorfully crafty with paper plates to make these hatching chicks. The use of brads makes this art project interactive, and your child can make their beautiful egg hatch to reveal a yellow chick. Idea courtesy of ABC Creative Learning.

Crayon Resist Easter Eggs

Easter egg art with white crayon and paint

White crayons come in handy for this Easter egg art project from Crafty Morning. Kids can draw designs on their egg and then watch them magically appear when painted over with watercolors.

Plastic Easter Egg Stamps

painting with plastic Easter eggs

Take inspiration from Buggy and Buddy and use your plastic Easter eggs for a painting project. This is a great activity for kids who are looking for something to do after the egg hunt is over. Their completed art will make great Easter décor.

Pom Pom Chicks

fuzzy chicks made with yarn pom poms

How cute are these fuzzy pom pom chicks? Pick up some yellow yarn and help your kids assemble these chicks by following Practically Functional’s directions. Not only will the kids love playing with them, but you can add them to your Easter basket or place them out as Easter decorations.

Daffodil Craft

spring daffodil made with paper and cupcake liner

Celebrate the arrival of spring with cheery handmade daffodils. This craft from Mend and Make New is easy and fun for little ones, and they are a great way to brighten up your home.

Pine Cone Bunnies

pine cone bunny craft

Set the kids out in the backyard or take a walk in the park to collect pinecones for this cute craft. Fireflies and Mud Pies shows you how to turn pinecones and a few craft supplies into little bunnies.

Easter Egg Maracas

maracas made from plastic eggs and spoons

A few simple supplies can turn your plastic Easter eggs into festive maracas. Have a dance party on Easter, and then use them again for Cinco de Mayo and birthday parties. Thanks to MADE for the idea.

Easter Egg Yarn Art

Easter artwork made with yarn

This idea from Make and Takes will keep your kids happily occupied for a while. Have your kids create a yarn egg on an inexpensive canvas (available at craft shops) and prop them up where everyone can admire their good eggs. Make sure they sign their work of art!

Bunny Party Hats

construction paper bunny party hats

Turn Easter into a party with these bunny party hats from The House That Lars Built. Kids can use construction paper and craft supplies to make each one unique. Be sure to take a picture of your cute bunnies when the project is complete.

Salt Dough Eggs

salt dough Easter egg ornaments

If you plan to decorate for Easter using DIY projects, start with these salt dough egg ornaments. Design Mom provides the tutorial and great ideas to decorate and display your ornaments. Kids will need some help in the kitchen to make the dough, but they’ll love decorating their eggs.

Yarn Easter Egg Garland

mod podge yarn Easter egg garland

Prepare to get a little messy with Mod Podge because this unique Easter garland craft is too neat to pass up. Using colored yarn and balloons, you can make a three-dimensional Easter egg decoration. This idea courtesy of Mod Podge Rocks.

DIY Easter Crayons

homemade Easter crayons

Recycle your kids’ broken crayon pieces, or hand-pick pastel colors to make these homemade Easter crayons. Visit Moonfrye for the instructions and photos.

Yarn Baskets

Easter baskets made of yarn

Crafty kids might want to make their own Easter basket this year, so why not follow this tutorial from Eighteen25? Pick up colorful yarn at your local craft store to create unique baskets where kids can keep their eggs and candy.

Toilet Paper Roll Chick Egg Holder

Easter egg holder toilet paper roll craft

Recycle empty toilet paper tubes to make these Easter chick decorations that double as egg holders. Toss in a Cadbury Crème Egg and hand them out as gifts, or hide them along with your plastic eggs for Easter fun. This idea brought to you by Jennifer’s Little World.

Stained Glass Cross

stained glass cross Easter craft

The bright colors of these stained glass crosses are the perfect way to welcome the sunshine and the onset of spring. Find the instructions for this low-mess craft at Kinder Craze.

Paper Plate Chick and Lamb

paper plate Easter animals

Paper plates make great canvases for many crafts, including these adorable Easter sheep and chicks. Pick up colored feathers, googly eyes, and cotton balls from the craft store and find the instructions on Vicky Barone’s blog.

Yarn Easter Bunny Silhouette

yarn silhouette Easter craft

Choose from a bunny, egg, cross, or any shape of your choice to make this cute and easy craft. You can send the final piece as a card to loved ones, or frame it for a cute Easter decoration. See Katie’s Crochet Goodies and Crafts for the tutorial.

Toilet Paper Tube Bunny

bunny made from a toilet paper tube

How cute are these fluffy bunnies from The Craft Nest? This is the perfect craft for little ones and most of the required supplies can be found around the house. Hoppy crafting!

Hand Tracing Easter Lilies

how to make paper Easter lilies with hand tracings

Hand tracings are a great way to practice fine motor skills, plus they can be cut out and turned into lovely paper Easter lilies. See That Artist Woman’s blog for the how-to.

Stained Glass Flowers

stained glass flower craft

Decorate your windows and welcome the spring sunshine with stained glass flower art made by your little one. This project from Miss Lovie requires a little help from an adult, but results in a unique and beautiful piece.

Egg Carton Chicks

egg carton chicks project

You and your kids can make these cute, candy-filled Easter chicks using a recycled egg carton. Get out the yellow paint and follow One Little Project’s directions.

Masking Tape Resist Cross Art

Easter cross art with masking tape and paint

Discuss the story of Easter while your kids work on this watercolor project from Happy Home Fairy. They’ll be delighted when the masking tape is removed to reveal the cross among a beautiful swirl of colors.

Cross Fingerprint Craft

fingerprint painting cross

Great for classrooms or the whole family, this fingerprint cross art project is compiled of the unique fingerprints of each person. Pick up a variety of paint colors to get started. You can draw your own template or find the printout and instructions at Meaningful Mama.

Sand Art Cross

colorful sand art craft

Celebrate Easter and help your children remember Christ’s sacrifice with this decorated cross project that uses colored sand. See the tutorial and photos at True Aim.

Egg Shell Cross Mosaic

dyed egg shell cross

After cracking open your dyed Easter eggs, you and your little one can reuse the colored shells for this art project from Kids Activities Blog. The final art pieces are a colorful way to celebrate Easter and commemorate Christ’s sacrifice.

Hand-Painted Easter Egg Balloons

hand painted Easter egg balloons

This “egg” decorating craft is fun for kids of all ages because it involves balloons. Following Sweet Lulu Blog’s lead, your kiddos can paint balloons to look like Easter eggs. Just be sure to lay out lots of butcher paper for this messy craft.

Popsicle Stick Easter Baskets

handmade popsicle stick Easter basket

These quirky, colorful Easter baskets are fun for kids to make, plus they look cute and make a great place to store jellybeans. Check out Rockin Mama for the easy tutorial.

Papier Mache Easter Eggs

papier mache Easter eggs

Not Martha’s clever idea will inspire you to get crafty this Easter and make your own papier maché eggs. Kids will have to be patient while the eggs dry, but they’ll love filling their eggs with candy and toys.

Colorful Light Ray Cross

pastel colorful Easter cross

Oil pastels are a fun medium to work with because they can be smudged to create a lovely glowing effect. Head over to Housing A Forest where you’ll see how to make this light ray cross.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Easter Eggs

Easter eggs dyed and decorated as ninja turtles

Dying eggs is a fun Easter tradition, but A Pumpkin and a Princess has a great tutorial to take your dyed eggs to the next level. Using just a few supplies, you can turn your green eggs into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Easter Egg Suncatcher

contact paper Easter egg craft

This is a great craft to make after you’ve checked off a few others on our list because you can use the leftover scraps. Lay down some contact paper and let your kids stick glitter and shapes to decorate an egg that can be hung on the window. Idea courtesy of Heart Felt.

Easter Egg Name Puzzle

paper Easter egg name puzzle

Little ones who are learning to spell their names will love this easy Easter craft from How Wee Learn that challenges them to spell as well as put puzzle pieces together.

Coffee Filter Easter Wreath

coffee filter Easter wreath

Get crafty with coffee filters to make a colorful Easter wreath. Young ones can express their artistic side with this easy project from Happy Hooligans.

Plastic Spoon Spring Animals

Easter animals craft made with plastic spoons

With plain white plastic spoons, your kiddos can make all kinds of springtime critters. Check out Krokotak for ideas and instructions to make Easter bunnies and more.

Egg Carton Caterpillar Planter

seed planter made from an egg carton

After snacking on your dyed hard-boiled eggs, you’ll be left with empty egg cartons, and Thinly Spread has the perfect idea for what to do with them. The kids will love watching their caterpillars grow!

Marbled Easter Eggs

cracked marbled hard boiled Easter eggs

The kids will be treated to a cool surprise when they crack open these hard boiled eggs. Skip the traditional egg dying methods this year and follow Mom Luck’s tutorial to create this unique marbled look.

Mini Donut Bunnies

powdered donut bunnies

This cute craft doubles as a tasty treat that kids of all ages will enjoy making and eating. Visit It’s Always Autumn to find the tutorial and photos.

Eyedropper Polka Dot Eggs in a Basket

polka dot Easter eggs in paper basket

Little ones can practice fine motor skills using eyedroppers to make polka dots. You may wind up with lots of paper eggs, but Cutting Tiny Bites also shows you how to make a construction paper basket where you can stow your polka dot Easter eggs.

Easter Footprint Art

Easter footprint bunny and carrot art

Turn your child’s footprint into a special Easter decoration or gift for the grandparents with a canvas and some paint. Glued to My Crafts shows you how to complete this easy project.

Easter Sugar Cookie House

sugar cookie Easter house decorated with candy

Just because Christmas is past doesn’t mean we can’t still decorate houses with candy. Pick up your favorite Easter candy and follow Princess Pinky Girl’s recipe and instructions so your kids can have some house decorating fun.

Salt Dough Hand Print Keepsake

salt dough Easter egg hand print keepsake

This salt dough keepsake is a special way to remember how small your little one’s hand once was for years to come. After rolling out your salt dough, have your child stamp their hand in the center. Be sure to allow it to fully dry before painting. Idea courtesy of Learning and Exploring Through Play.

Baking Soda Easter Egg Dying Experiment

dying Easter eggs with baking soda

Are you ready for some science in the kitchen? Kids will love this original method of egg dying because of the mini explosion they get to witness. See Mess For Less for the tutorial.

Peeps Play Dough

play dough made from Easter peeps

Use extra Peeps candies to create play dough for fun, sensory play. Simply visit Growing a Jeweled Rose for the easy step-by-step instructions. Equip your kids with cookie cutters and other plastic tools for their play dough play time.

Krispy Easter Egg Treat Surprise

rice krispy egg with candy surprise

Use an empty plastic Easter egg as a mold for crispy rice eggs and you’ll have a special treat for the kids to decorate with sprinkles. The Pioneer Woman has the recipe, plus you’ll see how to hide a piece of candy inside.

Plastic Egg Tea Cups

tea cups made from plastic Easter eggs

Enjoy an afternoon tea party with your little one using teacups made from plastic Easter eggs. Use permanent markers, paint, glue and beads to decorate them. This idea comes from Creativity in Progress.

Easter Racing Rabbit Treats

Twinkie racecar treats with bunny peeps

Kids will love racing their bunny peeps almost as much as they’ll love eating them. Take Easter bunny peeps, Twinkies and a few other ideas to construct your bunny racecars. Idea by Living Locurto.

Ribbon Easter Egg Art

Easter egg art decorated with ribbon

Hands On As We Grow shows you a simple way to decorate paper Easter eggs and make lovely artwork with ribbons.

Baby Chick Texture Art

Easter chick art made with egg shells and textured paper

Creating textured art is a fun way for little ones to explore the world around them. This idea from Sand In My Toes can be made with leftover egg shells, cardboard, scrap paper, noodles, or any other supplies you may want to experiment with.

With inspiration around every corner, you can use supplies found around the home, or head to your local craft store to get started. We’d love to see what your kids are working on this Easter. While there are many great DIY crafts for Easter, check out our Easter selection for even more gift ideas. For the crafts you do make, share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!