Who doesn’t love to remember summertime as a kid? The pool, the freedom, sleeping in, the list goes on. But there was something about those warm days that made us all leap, and some would even say scream, for joy: the ice cream truck.

Yes, something about that familiar music echoing down the street was so exciting. Not to mention all of the flavors and choices! Everyone always had their old standby’s though, the one favorite they’d choose every time, which made us wonder…what’s the ultimate ice cream truck treat? So, we decided to survey 1500 people to find out.


It’s a staple that has been around for nearly 90 years. The waffle cone, the chocolate in the bottom, the chocolate and nuts that cover the vanilla are too tempting to ignore. More than 25% of respondents to our survey picked the Drumstick® as their favorite. First introduced by Nestle® at the 1904 World’s Fair, it’s still everyone’s preferred treat.


All those different colors and flavors are awesome, but the best part of the push-up pop is that it creates very little mess. Many of the respondents to our survey agreed. A man named Charles Willo Smith invented this treat in 1908 with the idea of a no-mess ice cream in mind.


The go-to favorite of the candy bar world became available in the ice cream bar variation in 1990. When peanuts, caramel and chocolate are made into a portable ice cream bar, resistance is futile, as 12% of the respondents to our survey show.


The most tasty taco out there, this ice cream actually became so popular as a direct result of it being sold on ice cream trucks. It looks like 10% of the respondents remember this fondly. Who needs ground beef and cheese when this chocolatey concoction is available?


We all long for the days of our youth. The days when our parents were the ones buying us our ice cream. And according to 9% of the survey’s respondents, it seems few things bring about more nostalgic feelings than the cartoons we watched when we were kids. They never accurately presented the faces of our beloved hedgehog or turtle(s), but they were tasty nonetheless.

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