Pool Party on a Budget
Finally, summer has arrived! Now it’s time to plan some fun events, without breaking the bank. Here are some great tips for having the perfect pool party on any budget.

Make Your Own Invitations

First off, you’ve simply got get the word out. But don’t wait too long, everyone’s summer schedules can get packed fast. So, send out some invitations. Check out your local arts and crafts store for stylish paper and cut the cards yourself.

Next think of a theme: 70’s style, under the sea, beach party… there are tons of options to choose from. Next, get crafty with your invites. Draw a picture of a crab in the sand. Paint a beach ball. 16th century sand castles are always a huge hit!

Noodle Garland!

It’s all about the décor, but it’s not all about laying down huge amounts of dough on the décor. Ever heard of noodle garland? You can purchase long string noodles (those foam floats for the pool) and make the garland yourself. Simply cut it up into discs, string it together and you’re all set. Be sure to get a few different colors, too.

Here’s a cool Pinterest board with a bunch of other great decorative ideas.

Get the Tunes Ready

For any pool party, Hawaiian music is always a chill, relaxing choice. If you don’t have any Hawaiian tunes in your music collection, often times you can listen free online. (Hot Tip: If you’re having an under the sea theme, be sure to get this timeless classic: “Beyond the Sea” by Bobby Darin.

Prepare the Food

If you host your pool party in the afternoon, it doesn’t have to be a full-on BBQ. So, just get a few snacks and put them out in some bowls. And if you want to show off your baking skills, prepare a super fun pool party cake.

Fun and Games

Bocce ball and horseshoes are always a big hit at any pool party. However, if you don’t have either those, and since this is a budget-friendly party – a good old fashioned game of Marco Polo always creates a laugh. No peeking!

Follow these budget-friendly steps and not only will you save money this summer your pool party is sure to be a splash. Have fun. Be safe. Enjoy!