With Halloween just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to round up the most haunted cities in the country. Looking at the top 200 most populated cities in the United States, we took to Yelp to determine which cities had the highest fear factor based on number of cemeteries and haunted houses per capita.

With a bit of math, we calculated the concentration of “hauntedness” for each city to come up with our final list of spooky cities. Here are our top 10 most haunted cities:

10. Thornton, CO

twisted tree thornton colorado
A twisted tree off the haunted Riverdale Road. Photo from paranormalstoriescolorado.com.

Not only is Colorado’s largest haunted house located here, but the city of Thornton is also known for its allegedly haunted Riverdale Road, a rural road edged with twisted cottonwood trees. There are various legends and stories about Riverdale Road and supposedly the Gates of Hell are located along this road.

9. Yonkers, NY

Oakland Cemetery Yonkers New York
Oakland Cemetery is believed to have regularly appearing ghostly figures. Photo from oaklandcemeteryny.com.

The most populated city on our list is Yonkers, New York, which contains several haunted destinations, including the Oakland Cemetery. It is rumored that three white ghostly figures lurk near the hill towards the center of the cemetery.

8. Garden Grove, CA

Ware-Stanley House Garden Grove California
The Stanley Ranch Museum and Historical Village sits on a 2-acre plot containing 17 historic buildings, including the beautiful Ware-Stanley House. Photo from ochistorichomes.com.

Ranking in at the eighth most haunted city on our list is Garden Grove, California, home to the historic Ware-Stanley House. While it stands present day to house the historical society and serve as a museum, it was believed to be haunted.

7. Paterson, NJ

Caldwell Parsonage House Union, NJ
Caldwell Parsonage House in Union, NJ has been the site of many paranormal investigations. Photo from unionhistory.org.

Though there are many reported ghost sightings in Paterson, the city is also home to Brighton Asylum, a haunted house that hosts attractions for Halloween and other holidays. Brighton Asylum was named one of the scariest places on earth by the Today Show.

6. Palmdale, CA

Una Lake Palmdale California
Beware of Una Lake – it is said that divers and swimmers have gotten lost in this allegedly bottomless body of water. Photo from Sluggo’s House O’ Spookiness.

From the child who haunts the Magic Mountain theme park to phantom hitchhikers along Brea Canyon Road, there have been various reports of paranormal activity throughout Palmdale, CA. Perhaps the greatest mystery surrounds Palmdale’s Una Lake, which is believed to be haunted with the ghostly remains of swimmers lost beneath its murky depths.

5. Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Cemetery Rancho Cucamonga California
A tomb in Bellevue Memorial Park. Photo from mapio.cz.

The residents of Rancho Cucamonga get into the spirit of their haunted reputation with the RC Haunt, a fun and frightening haunted house experience that takes over the town every Halloween. With many nearby cemeteries, the unassuming city has a sense of spookiness and a long history of ghost sitings.

4. Bridgeport, CT

Conjuring Home Bridgeport CT
Reporters and police responded to a call about paranormal activity at this home, which inspired the movie The Conjuring. Photo from patch.com.

Paranormal investigators across the country are very familiar with Bridgeport because it is home to the Lindley Street home, the “World’s Most Haunted House.” With an incredible number of reliable witnesses to the unusual activity in the house, it’s no wonder the events have been chronicled into a published book.

3. Santa Clarita, CA

Mitchell Adobe Santa Clarita
The Mitchell Adobe, originally built in 1865, is one of the areas most haunted buildings according to the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society. Photo by flickr user tkksummers.

The city of Santa Clarita is very curious about ghosts and paranormal activity. In fact, it even has a dedicated team of paranormal investigators. Santa Clarita also hosts an annual haunted jailhouse event around Halloween with themed activities and costume contests.

2. Ontario, CA

Beverly Hotel Ontario California
A look at the building that used to be the haunted Hotel Beverly. Photo from loopnet.com.

Ontario contains many cemeteries and is also home to the site of the historic Hotel Beverly, which is believed to be haunted. Former guests and neighbors reported seeing shadows, hearing footsteps and something peeking out a third-floor window. The hotel has long since been closed.

1. Pomona, CA

Pomona Mansion California
Built in 1875, the mansion is the only “Classic Haunted Mansion” architectural style home in Southern California. “Phillips Mansion, Pomona 1″ by Los Angeles – Own work. Photo via CC BY-SA 3.0.

Finally, coming in first on the list is Pomona, a city that not only has many great Halloween events every year, but has many cemeteries and memorial parks, helping it to take the spookiest spot on our list.

Haunted happenings

With many reported hauntings and ghost sightings across the country, we can never be completely certain what’s real. But we’re sure there’s nothing ghostly about our great Halloween gifts that will make the spookiest day of the year a lot more fun.