Hamburgers have worked their way deep into our food culture. You can’t go through town without passing dozens of establishments that’ll serve up this tasty sandwich. They all exist because we simply love eating burgers. In fact, in the United States we eat about 14 billion hamburgers every year. This comes out to about 38.3 million burgers a day, or 443 burgers devoured every second.

In its simplest form, all you need for a burger is a meat patty and a bun. It’s not too hard to upgrade a burger recipe with some lettuce, tomato, cheese, and onion–which is why most people expect to find those ingredients in a burger. These ingredients are fine, but we wanted to take a detour from the standard sandwich for some more creative burger recipes. We created 7 delicious gourmet burger ideas to mix up your burger routine and get your mouth watering!


Which of these was your favorite hamburger idea? The Californian is likely the safest choice for someone looking to try new flavors. You have some expected ingredients, but with a gourmet and Californian twist on the burger toppings. If a big portabello mushroom is something you’re craving, check out the Vegetarian burger. It’s loaded with flavor, including fried avocado and a garlic paste. For something off the beaten path, try grilling up a Vietnamese burger with a pork patty and Vietnamese style pickles.

If you’re up for it, you can modify any of these unique burger ideas to make a personal creation of your own. Cooking up burgers in a kitchen is perfectly fine, but for those warmer months, grilling them outside is lots of fun too. To gear up for outdoor burger sessions (or if you’re cooking up some gourmet hot dogs), make sure to check out our grilling tools!

Recipes adapted from: http://sonofagunrestaurant.com

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