Putting a value on mom would be unthinkable. She would flip if she knew we were trying to do that. We can’t really put a dollar amount on mom since she is irreplaceable, and we won’t try. However, moms put a lot of time and effort into raising us and that time is definitely worth something even if mom isn’t getting paid for it.

The value of time she puts in each day is what we’d like to try and gauge. The team at Salary.com did a similar calculation to determine the value of mom’s time, but we wanted to take a slightly different look at it.

We did a breakdown of tasks a typical stay-at-home mom has to do throughout the day. The tasks are split up by different hours throughout the day. For each task, we found a corresponding job from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to get a national average hourly wage. Check out the schedule below to see everything mom has to do in a day:

We were surprised to count a total of twenty-nine different ‘hats’ a stay-at-home mom wears throughout the day. Even though some tasks are more monthly than daily ones, we counted them in a miscellaneous section because they’re important and definitely make a difference.

So the next time your mom is giving you a hard time, or vice versa, take a step back and think about everything she has done for you and consider letting it go.

Take a breather to tell her ‘thank you’ so she knows you appreciate what she has done. This is the simplest way to let her know. And if you feel like getting her a gift to go along with that thank you, make sure to check out our gifts for mom!