Most dads keep pictures of their kids on their phone. They show them off to friends and family, proudly swiping through their favorite snapshots of milestones and fun moments. Some dads create videos of their kids, start YouTube channels, write songs with their kids, or dedicate social media accounts to them. But there is one dad we know who has his own unique way of showing off his kids, and we think it’s pretty amazing. Ryan Goldman wears his kids’ pictures on his ties.

What started out as a fun Father’s Day gift idea for his own dad, quickly turned into a collection for himself. Now he has several different versions of our Photo Tie featuring his adorable kids, which he proudly shows off in his social media photos and has definitely become something he’s known for. Ryan’s creativity and sense of fun is a perfect example of what it means to #giftpersonal.

We spoke to Ryan about his ties, hanging out with his kids, and how he would love to spend Father’s Day.

Personal Creations: How did your Photo Tie collection start?

Ryan Goldman: The ties actually started out as a Father’s Day gift for my dad. As I was ordering the first one, I thought to myself, “Man…. This is pretty cool! I would wear this myself!”  So from then on, every time I get a tie made for my dad, I have to get two… one for him and one for me.

PC: What are the best reactions you’ve gotten when you’re wearing one of your photo ties?

RG: “OMG is that your kids on your tie?! How cool!”, “I like the colors in your tie. Wait…. is that…. is that your daughter?”, “Where did you get your ties?! My husband/father/son would love one!”, “I don’t think I could wear my kids on a tie… but you make it look cool!”

PC: Finish this sentence: “In my life, I am most proud that…”

RG: I overcame severe hearing loss from having meningitis as a young child. Dealing with stereotypes and bullies while wearing a hearing aid up through middle school, refusing to wear it in high school because of embarrassment, and then graduating #1 in my engineering class at Hampton University is a huge testimony to my overcoming adversity. This has continued in my adult life in becoming a huge advocate in the community for Autism awareness and helping other families in need after experiencing my own struggles with my son’s diagnosis.

PC: What or who made you the dad you are today?

RG: MY father. My dad was very busy with work when we were growing up but he always made time to have family time. He always expressed interest in our school work and participated in PTAs and parent teacher conferences (though I really disliked that at the time). He has truly helped me become the dad I am today so by instilling a “do right” attitude in me.

PC: What is your favorite way to spend time with your kids?

RG: My daughter has officially gotten to the age of where anything I do is now embarrassing to her. When I was “still cool”, I loved dressing up in costumes or as superheros with my kids. Now my favorite thing to do is at any random moment at home, I turn on some music (preferably old school) and shout “dance off!!!” and then we all have to stop what we’re doing and have a dance off / dance party. I also love going on spontaneous road trips with them. Ski trips are definitely high on the list. Daddy/daughter day trips to the slopes are the best and I can’t wait till my son is able to ski along with me.

PC: What would be your ideal way to celebrate Father’s Day?

RG: My first inclination is to sleep in until noon, brunch in bed, and football season miraculously playing in June. After pausing to think about it, I would love spending time with my family grilling some seafood and bacon wrapped anythings, playing some games that my kids choose, and/or going to the park.


Thanks to Ryan for letting us get to know him and for his inspiring attitude. We’d love to hear more #giftpersonal stories from our audience! Share yours with us. Just post photos of yourself with your favorite Personal Creations gifts and include the hashtag #giftpersonal so we can see them.