School is out and the swimming pools are open! Now that summer is here, are you on the hunt for some kid-friendly activities? With plenty of hours to fill, we thought we would lend you a helping hand. Your search for entertainment is over and your kids’ search is just beginning — word search, that is!

We have created 6 fun word searches to keep your little ones busy this summer. Each puzzle has a different theme like outer space or animal kingdom. Plus, there are word searches in three difficulty levels so that everyone can play along. Below you will find two examples for each level — beginner, intermediate, and advanced — with buttons that allow you to download printables of all 6 puzzles and their solutions.

Will your kids be able to solve each word search? Scroll through and give them a try! Beneath all the puzzles, there is a button that allows you to print all 6 and their solutions.

Beginner Word Search Puzzles

Words can be found going vertically and horizontally. Do your rugrats love wildlife? This is the puzzle for them! You can also click the button below to download the outer space word search for beginners. This level is recommended for grades 1-2.

Intermediate Word Search Puzzles

Words can be found going vertically, horizontally and diagonally. This is a great puzzle for insect lovers! Click the button below to check out the summertime fun intermediate word search and the answers for both. This level is recommended for grades 2-4.

Advanced Word Search Puzzles

Words can be found going vertically, horizontally, diagonally and backwards. Are you kids in a school daze come August? If they are not quite ready to give up the summer fun, click the button below for a patriotic themed search! This level is recommended for grades 5+.


download all word search puzzles

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