Father’s Day just passed, and it was definitely one for the books. We enjoyed celebrating all of the great Dad’s out there – after all they deserve it! Dads are like real life superheroes and wearers of many hats: they’re the family’s #1 fan, personal protectors, in-house handymen, and kings of the grill. What better way to show dad your gratitude this year than by surprising him by mixing up his favorite ice cold beverage?

At Personal Creations, we love a good smoothie, iced coffee, or a hearty cocktail – especially as these summer months come around and the days start heating up.

With this in mind, we reached out to some of our favorite foodie bloggers, beverage specialists, and recipe curators and asked them to re-create and share their husband’s favorite drink in honor of Father’s Day. Below you can find some of our favorite liquid creations:


Mommy Has to Work


Mariella of Mommy Has to Work said exactly what was on our minds – summer is here which means it’s time to kick back with some mojitos, margaritas, and daiquiris. Her husband’s drink of choice is what she calls a man-cocktail, which mixes bourbon with mint to make the perfect summer drink. She named this refreshing cocktail the ‘Southern Gentleman’ and she shared it with our End Zone Tavern Pitcher and matching football glasses. To find out more about Mariella and the key ingredients for her husband’s favorite beverage, check out her blog here.


Savvy in the Kitchen


Dina of Savvy in the Kitchen shared a classic root beer float for this Father’s Day. She added a little something extra to the rim of her Star Beer Mug to make it super special for her husband – chocolate and sprinkles! To find out more about Dina and all of her craftiness in the kitchen, you can check out her blog here.


Home Jobs by MOM orange-soda-and-mug-for-Orangesicle-Float-769x1024

Krystle of Home Jobs by MOM opted for a bright and colorful Orangesicle Float with two kinds of orange soda, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream on top – perfect for any Dad with a sweet tooth! This is a great summertime alternative to a root beer float for kids and adults alike.  To find out more about Krystle and the specifics of this orange-tastic recipe, you can check out her blog here.