Valentine’s Day happens every year on February 14, and is more than just a day to show that you like a cute boy or pretty girl. There are different legends that have floated around for generations, but almost all of them talk about St. Valentine, but just who was this person? One legend claims that St. Valentine was a Catholic Priest who secretly married young couples when they were not allowed to get married. Young soldiers were not allowed to marry the girl they loved because Roman Emperor Claudius II said it would make them weak. Along with the history of this special day, there are also lots of fun facts about Valentine’s Day that you may not know. For instance, did you know that most of the flowers that are bought on this day are bought by men? Or, did you realize that there are 189 million roses sold in the United States every year for this day; that is a lot of roses! Take a look at these games and activities to make your Valentine’s Day extra fun:

Cute Valentine’s Day Crafts & Activities for Kids

Valentine’s Day is great for fun crafts and activities with your kids. Here is a great collection of them from‘s Piera Jolly.

Valentine’s Day Games

Here is a list of five fun games you can play at school or at home for Valentine’s Day. Play with some of your friends to win candy as your prize.

Valentine’s Day

This page gives you a list of games and coloring pages you can have fun with. You can also make your own cards in the crafts section for your special crush.

Valentine’s Day Games and Activities

Look through all of the fun Valentine’s Day games and puzzles you can play to keep you busy and having fun.

Online Valentine’s Day Games

Play these games during play time at school or at home when you are done with your homework.

Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

These coloring pages can be printed, so you can use your own crayons and markers to color them the way you want.

Sock Moneys in Love Coloring Pages

With Valentine’s Day coming up, your little ones can get in the spirit with this adorable collection of Sock Monkeys in Love coloring pages.

Sock Monkey Coloring Pages

Holidays, Valentine’s Day

Choose the best pictures to print and color with this huge list of coloring pages. You can also play Valentine’s Day bingo with some of the printing options.

Valentine’s Day Kids Crossword Puzzle

This fun crossword puzzle has four words going across and six words going down, so you can have a lot of fun thinking about what word goes where.

Valentine’s Day Activities

Look through this list of games and activities for Valentine’s Day and do as many as you can.

Valentine’s Day Worksheets

This list of links consists of printable worksheets that include word scrambles, crosswords and fun rhymes.

Lion of Love

This Valentine’s Day worksheet gives you the chance to fill in the blanks with a list of words so you can read the story from start to finish.

Fun Valentine’s Day Resources

This page has a lot of games and activities to keep you busy all Valentine’s Day long.

Valentine’s Day Library

Here is a list of fun and interesting poems, stories and songs you can read and sing on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Stories for Kids

Read about the history of Valentine’s Day and how it came about.

Valentine’s Printables

Look at all of the fun pictures you can print and color that are related to Valentine’s Day.

Hedgies Valentine’s for You

Print this coloring page and use your favorite colors to bring this Valentine’s Day picture to life.

Valentine’s Day Word Find

Have fun and use your brain to find the list of Valentine’s Day words in this Word Find game.

Valentine’s Day Dominoes

Use this activity sheet to play your own game of dominoes with a Valentine’s Day theme.

Valentine’s Day Printable Treat Bags

Turn Valentine’s Day into a fun activity with your kids with these awesome Valentine’s Day printables.

Printable Valentine's Day Treat Bags

Valentine Day Fun

Here is a list of recipes you can make with mom or dad for Valentine’s Day to show your friends and your crush that you care.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day Internationally

This page gives you information about how people in other countries around the world choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Children’s Valentine’s Day Poetry

Here is a list of links to fun Valentine’s Day poetry to read to those you love.

Cupid’s Revenge

Play this fun game for Valentine’s Day to keep you entertained all day long.

Zombie Kids Valentine’s Day

If you like zombies, you will love this zombie Valentine’s Day game.