Nothing makes the holiday season more magical than the perfect ornaments on the perfect tree. But what makes a perfect ornament? Sometimes you just know. Then again, sometimes you need a little help finding something just right. A perfect ornament tells a story. It says something meaningful, maybe about the giver, maybe about the recipient, but always signifies something special in someone’s life. It becomes a treasure that brings back happy memories each year when it’s placed on the tree.

So, how do you find that perfect, special, meaningful ornament when there are thousands to choose from? We can help!

First, ask yourself: Who are you shopping for? Start with the basics – is it one person, or a family or group? Is it a child? Male or female? What are his or her interests? Answer a few basic questions and follow along with our festive chart that will lead you to “the one,” also known as “There’s an ornament for that!”

Some of our favorites:

For the hobbyist, try a Beer drinker, King of the Grill, TV watcher, Golfer, or Bicycle rider.

For the athletic female, try a Kayaker, Yoga, Tennis player, Go the Distance Medal, or Book lover.

For a family, try Baby’s first Christmas, Cozy Wedding Couple, or Gnome Family.

For kids, try Out of this World Astronaut, Scouts ornaments, Ballerina ornaments, Dinosaur ornament, Fun transportation ornaments,  Hello Kitty in stocking, Princess ornaments, Lost first tooth, or Motor bike.

For a teen who just started driving, a Driver’s License ornament 

is fun and special.

While glittery bulbs and candy canes are always classic, when you give someone a special ornament, show that you’re tuned in to his or her interests and what’s happening in their world.

Visit our Ornament Workshop and find perfect ornaments for all your loved ones this year! Once you’ve seen our incredible selection, come back and tell us what you found and which ones are on your own list.