The gift-giving season is upon us, and what better way to show a loved one how truly special he or she is than with a personalized gift? At Personal Creations, we care about how you shop, so we know that for lots of you, choosing gifts is the most stressful part of the holiday season. That’s why we’re giving you the perfect solution… a personalized gift that says exactly what you feel.

With a personalized gift, you’re giving a feeling

In a recent survey, more than half of our respondents said that receiving a personalized gift meant that the person who gave it to them put a lot of thought into the gift, and that it was meant for them to feel special. In fact, they felt that personalizing makes gifts more special and one of a kind. When asked, lots of people said that they are hoping to receive a personalized gift this holiday season and that they would be likely to keep a personalized gift longer than they would a non-personalized gift.

You don’t have to feel compelled to think up a snappy saying or declaration of love, either… the most popular ways to personalize are simply by using the person’s initials, name or a nickname.

But what should it be?

Well, anything, really! Almost anything you purchase could be personalized, but there were some clear favorites among the group. Over seventy percent of people said that they would personalize accessories (like jewelry) as a gift this holiday season or housewares (like mugs, frames or beer and wine glasses). As well, people are big fans of personalized clothing and ornaments.

Personal Creations is your complete source for personalized gifts. Our selection ranges from cozy personalized long johns to a family-named casserole dish – and everything in between. Start with the Personal Creations holiday gift guide to get great ideas for personalizing all of your gifts this season!