The latest photo trend to hit social media is no longer the selfie – it’s the #shelfie! People are taking to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share photographs of their artfully arranged shelves and even surfaces like tabletops and desks throughout their homes. I personally love this idea because it allows us to transform a very small space into whatever we want. It’s doable for everyone – no matter the budget, skills, or experience! So today, I wanted to share with you six tips to create the perfect #shelfie.

shelves and chalkboard shelfie

1. Make it personal. Use family or living room bookshelves to display more than books! Fill them with photographs like this adorable photo box, family heirlooms, artwork, personalized signs or name plaques, and your favorite collectibles.

bookcase shelfie

book shelfie

2. Give a kid’s bathroom shelf (or any bathroom shelf) an organized look by grouping together like-colored towels and using personalized (and CUTE) storage bins to neatly hide bath toys.

personalized toy box on shelf

3. Go with a theme. Display kitchen items like a set of pretty mixing bowls, cookie jar, rolling pins, and a few cookbooks on a kitchen shelf.

cookware shelfie

4. Display like items or colors together for a big wow factor. A silver collection, wine glasses, and even your rarely used wedding china look beautiful displayed in a dining room shelf.

silverware and flatware china dishes and glasses on shelves

5. Keep it simple and functional. A unique, personalized catchall and engraved trinket box are beautiful and functional ways to hold jewelry and odds & ends inside a closet. I love when everyday items become part of the décor.

flowers and perfume on shoe case shelf

flowers and jewelry

6. Go beyond the shelf. Any surface like a desk is an opportunity to show of your design skills. Personalized touches like a sign with your name (or blog name!) will give your workspace a fun and unique vibe

yellow flowers and personalized sign


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