Thanksgiving is around the corner. Family and friends gather for a delicious feast, leaves fall from the trees and the air is crisp. As we approach the holiday of giving, why not celebrate with festive Thanksgiving hats? From a turkey party hat to a pumpkin pie hat, these are the perfect craft to wear at a Thanksgiving feast! Work with your kiddo to color, cut and glue this Thanksgiving!  

Making Thanksgiving hats is a creative and festive activity for kids, and a great way to discuss what we are all thankful for during the holiday season. Print a ship hat and explore the history of the Mayflower, or color a football hat in honor of the family’s annual football game before dinner. These printables are easy-to-make, and a perfect photo op! Decorate the table with these crafty hats, and include personalized Thanksgiving decor with your family name. 

Scroll through our adorable templates and click each button to download your favorite template. 

If you are planning on printing these fun hats, make sure to use heavyweight paper or white cardstock for best results. In terms of size, A4 or 8×11 cardstock works best for these dimensions. If you need a bigger hat, you can also have the A4 or 8×11 print-out enlarged at a copy center. Both models used two bands to create their hats. There are multiple bands for each Thanksgiving hat, and you can determine how many you need to used based on your head size. 

Pilgrim Hat

Print out this Mayflower hat for your boy or girl before the family feast. Have them say a little special thanks before digging into the turkey. 

Native American Hat

The feathers on this hat make it an adorable headdress. With a variety of colored feathers, your child can pick and choose the ones they want. Have them write what they are most thankful for in each of the feather, their list will put a smile on your face! 

Ship Hat

Teach kids about Columbus’ Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria famous ships with this hat. They can wear history and learn about his three voyages across the open sea for over 25,000 miles! 

Colorful Turkey Hat

This darling turkey hat is a colorful fun way to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving! Remember to start with the orange feathers as the base, and work your way up to creating an adorable turkey face! 

Caramel Apple Hat

These dessert hats will be a hit with the kids this Thanksgiving. Try caramel apple hats, and have them customize their apple with a variety of colored sprinkles to choose from. 

Football Hat

What’s Thanksgiving without football? With this one-step printable, your child will love this hat for celebrating the holidays, and football season! Bonus: this hat can be worn all year round! 

Pumpkin Pie Hat

A pumpkin pie hat looks delicious and takes a few simple steps to fold and glue together. A basic black headband works great as the base, and this can be worn on adults as well. Bonus tip: The pumpkin pie hat can double as a leftovers box! 

Turkey Party Hat

Try our fun party hats that can be made for the whole family! Since they are cone shaped, you can adjust the size by using larger paper for bigger heads, and smaller paper for the little ones. Add real feathers for extra flare. 

Leaf Crown

For a modern, cool Thanksgiving craft, try our leaf crown. Using our printable leaves, have your child fill in with their favorite colors, then attach tops of leaves with string. This is a cute one to post on social media! 

Scarecrow Hat

Get in the spirit of fall with this scarecrow hat. Customize the scarecrow by letting the little ones add buttons and patches to his clothes once assembled.