Peronalized Margarita Glasses

Margarita! Just hearing the word makes you want to boogie down Travolta-style. And while your party should most certainly include dancing and music, a few well-thought-out details will make it a huge success.

Getting Ready

Early preparation will save you a ton of time once the party begins. Plus, it’ll make hosting the party even more fun. The night before, slice up all of the limes in advance. And if you want to get a little fancy, slice up some peaches, too – they can be delicious in margaritas. Then store the fruits in covered containers and they’ll be ready to roll the next day.

Prepare the Drinks

Round up all of your liquor and mixer bottles, and place spouts on them for an easy, professional-style pour.

For those choosing to imbibe in non-alcoholic beverages, be sure to have bottled water handy, or even an iced tea dispenser.

No Bartender? No Problem

Chances are you’d rather mingle than pour drinks for everyone. Plus, it would be a bit pricey to hire a bartender. The solution? Have guests help themselves. Create some cool stationary cards with a few different margarita mixes.

Don’t Forget the Tunes!

If you’re going to re-enact that classic dance scene from Saturday Night Fever, you’ll need the proper tunes. And, no, they don’t all have to be disco tunes – you can jam out to whatever you like.

Personalized Glass Pitcher

Party Essentials

First and foremost, it’s of the absolute essence to have some cool margarita glasses. Why? Because it’s a heck of lot more fun than using an ordinary glass.

If you’d rather create large quantities of margaritas all at once, you could always premix everything and put it in a glass pitcher.

Plus, let’s face it, not everyone likes margaritas. If you’re serving up sodas or even brews, an ice bucket is the perfect addition to the patio – if placed in a shady area.

On the topic of salt around the rim: some prefer it, others could go without it. Either way, be prepared with some kosher salt (it’s thicker and sticks better to the glass). You could place the salt on a small plate or use a fancy salt dipper.

There you have it! Plan a fun, safe and splendid margarita party today.