It’s that time again! The sun is shining bright, the air is warming up, and browns are becoming greens. Spring is here, and with it comes spring cleaning. It’s time to let some air in and give the house a thorough tidying up. Time to hit all the spots that you either forget about or don’t have time to do in your daily and weekly cleaning routines.

Yes, we’re talking about air vents, curtains, couch cushions, shampooing carpets, and confronting the dreaded oven and other parts of the kitchen we fear. While it’s true that some could spend a week or more on a cleansing of this magnitude, many of us simply can’t afford that kind of time.

That’s why we’ve come up with this one-weekend guide to getting your yearly chores squared away. It’s designed to keep you focused on the biggest chores until they’re done, while making sure that you don’t have to clean anything twice. We hope it helps you finish the job quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly.

Spring cleaning infographic

Hopefully our spring cleaning guide has given you some good ideas for finding the dirt and grime you might have otherwise missed, while still saving you time to spend a Sunday night at home with your loved ones. Have any other quick cleaning tips we might have missed? Comment below and let us know!