It’s almost Easter! And with Easter Sunday comes a white fluffy creature who leaves candy and goodies out for children. This furry animal is known as the Easter Bunny! For many children, the Easter Bunny hides eggs to find and baskets filled with sweets and treats. But while he is delivering the goodies for kids, he also leaves a trail!

He leaves behind white, magical footprints on Easter morning, and you can recreate them below! Using a few simple materials, put together Easter Bunny footprints for the little ones to find, along with a poem and letter they can leave out.  

Bunny Footprints How-To

Materials Needed:

  • Footprint template
  • Scissors and/or paper utlity knife
  • Flour
  • Sifter
  • Small plate
  • Small bowl


  1. Print out Easter Bunny footprint template onto heavy paper (like cardstock) that will hold the weight of the flour.
  2. Cut out the footprints to create a stencil template. Try a paper utility knife for the small prints, as these can be hard to cut out with regular scissors.
  3. Sift flour and sprinkle a layer onto the footprint template.
  4. Once finished, place sifter back onto the bowl or plate to avoid spills.
  5. Discard excess into the bowl, and pour a new batch of flour on your sifter and repeat directions. Make sure to dump the excess flour off of the template frequently so you don’t leave a trail of flour behind!

Indoor vs. Outdoor Footprints

When it comes to creating your bunny footprints, you’ll want to determine where you want the trail to go. For warm or dry climates, consider outside sidewalk or backyard cement. That way when the little ones walk outside, they will see that the Easter Bunny came from outside. For cold or rainy climates, try your bunny footprints close to the front door on carpet or wood flooring. This can easily be cleaned with a small vacuum or a broom pan post Easter Sunday.

Carrot Poems for the Easter Bunny

Leave a snack for the Easter bunny for all the hard work he has done hiding eggs and Easter baskets. We suggest carrots, as these are his favorite! Simply place carrots in a clear cellophane bag (so he knows what’s inside) and attach the poem to the middle of the bag using tape. Keep the top open so he can easily access your gift. This is the perfect energizing snack as he continues his journey!

“Hey little bunny,

With a cotton tail,

I wanted to give you something

While you’re hopping down the trail.

A few carrots as a thank you

For all that you’ve done,

Eat them fast,

You’ve got to run!”


“Oh Easter bunny so soft and white,

You hop quickly out of sight.

Thank you for the eggs you bring

On easter morning to welcome spring.

Around the home or in the grass,

I can only wait for time to pass.

Here are some carrots for all that you do,

Happy Easter to you too!”

Easter Bunny Letter

Give the Easter Bunny a letter to show how much you appreciate his appearance on Easter morning. Print out our Easter Bunny “mad libs” style letter and have your little one fill out the blanks. If they are pre-writing stage, ask them what words they’d like to fill in and write in for them. This is perfect next to your bag of carrots on a table inside, or on the front porch if your Easter Bunny leaves eggs around the yard.

With Easter fast approaching, it’s time to get out the carrots and get ready for the bunny’s arrival! These printable footprints, poems and letter are the perfect way to say thank you for all the Easter Bunny has done. Leave out an Easter basket or embroidered Easter tote for the Easter Bunny to fill with chocolates and sweets, and wait till Easter morning!