Grandparent’s Day 2011 is your chance to show grandma and grandpa how much you care! These suggestions on grandparent gifts will delight the very special elders in your life. The best Grandparents Day gift is simple: time with loved ones. Shop for a special personalized present or one of these Grandparents Day gifts and then spend the day with grandma and grandpa. Grandparents can’t be replaced, so enjoy each moment that you share together!

Home and Garden Gifts
Grandparents appreciate the comforts of home, so why not add to their household with unique home Gifts? Various garden stepping-stones can be personalized with each grandchild’s name, and wind chimes turn the backyard into a peaceful sanctuary. You can also adorn their indoor space with creative décor, like a custom throw blanket print with a family photo. Add grandma or grandpa’s name to a personalized casserole dish, pie plate, or serving platter, and then settle in for a home cooked meal. You should, of course, wash the dishes afterward!


Unique Keepsake Gift Ideas
Keepsakes offer tangible reminders of favorite people, places, and events. Show your affection with keepsake gifts for grandparents that they will cherish! A Willow Tree grandmother figurine, for example, captures the connection between baby and grandma. A “Grandpa walk with me” canvas print turns a thoughtful poem into a piece of art that he’s sure to treasure. A custom photo album or journal can also be used to capture fleeting moments; kids can help grandparents fill the book with pictures, stories, and more.

Golf Gifts
Golf is a favorite activity among the retired set, so golf gifts are ideal for grandparents. Kids can purchase affordable golf gifts, like our personalized “par-scription” golf ball set or “tee-rific” golf ball and tee box set. Adults seeking gifts for grandparents can opt for a more indulgent gift. Consider the golf travel map, which features the premier public golf courses across the United States. This gift arrives with pushpins and flags that grandma and grandpa can use to mark the courses they’ve visited, their favorite courses, and the next vacation spot. A beautiful frame and personalized plaque make it even more special.

personalized picture frame

Personalized Picture Frames
There are few things that a grandparent loves more than pictures of the grandkids. Make them smile on Grandparent’s Day, and every day after, with custom wall décor and personalized picture frames. A photo frame wall clock offers space for twelve pictures, and a family generations frame surrounds one image with thoughtful sentiments. An oversized metal family tree sculpture makes for an unusual decoration that will be displayed with pride. Other photo gifts can be personalized with the family name, a message of love, or the names of the grandchildren.


Unique Gifts for Families
Give them a gift for the whole family to enjoy, with our selection of presents that appeal to all ages. Family character gifts feature whimsical images of each family member, including cats and dogs! Represent everyone with family character car decals, fridge magnets, doormats, mugs, and more. Or, go for a family home print that frames a snapshot of their house, and displays it alongside a touching poem. This is perfect for homesick grandparents now living in retirement communities or nursing homes.

Barware, Wine Gifts, and Cigar Gifts
Grandma and grandpa have paid their dues and put in years of work – it’s time for them to have some fun! Our selection of bar, wine, and cigar gifts appeals to their guilty pleasures and leisure time. Sets of customized beer mugs or wine glasses are sure to be enjoyed, and a stainless steel bar set lets him or her play bartender. You can also present a bar gift with a twist, like a wooden wine bottle puzzle for them to ponder. Unique wine stoppers, wall décor, and ice buckets are all ideal as grandparent gifts as well.

Personalized Religious Gifts
Faithful family members will surely appreciate religious gifts for grandparents. Our various wall crosses serve as beautiful décor, but their true appeal is the meaningful symbolism that a cross conveys. An illustrated family bible is another option in grandparent’s gifts; it will be cherished, and passed down for generations to come. Other religious figurines and keepsakes also double as decorations and expressions of faith. Memorial gifts are available for commemorating grandparents that have passed away. Buy them for the spouse they left behind, or for your own home to represent grandma and grandpa.

The best Grandparents Day gift is simple: time with loved ones. Shop a special personalized present, and then spend the day with grandma and grandpa. Grandparents can’t be replaced, so enjoy each moment that you share together!