If someone close to you has got a little bun in the oven, you may suddenly find yourself saddled with the responsibility of throwing her a baby shower. This can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! In fact, you can put together a memorable event for the soon-to-be mom without so much as breaking a sweat. It just takes a little bit of foresight and planning. If you’re still nervous, though, here’s a quick primer on how to put together a winning baby shower.

Of course, you need to decide when the party is going to happen and invite guests accordingly. It’s a good idea to give them at least two or three weeks’ notice. This is enough time for guests to RSVP, and once you have a better idea of how many people will be coming, you can buy food and drinks as is needed.

Everyone loves a theme party, and baby showers are the perfect excuse for one! It can be as simple as focusing the event around mom’s favorite Disney movie, or something more lavish like revisiting your own childhoods. Set up appropriate decorations like a banner or a guest book and watch your guests flock in. For instance, you can include a collage of baby pictures of everyone in attendance and see if everyone can guess who’s who.

Full Dozen Baby Girl BerriesDon’t forget about the food! While watching someone open gifts for three hours may not be the best way to spend half a day, the promise of tasty treats and delicious beverages will be enough to entice even the most skeptical guest. Dipped strawberries are a delectable indulgence that will be sure to please everyone there, but you may want to pick up a cake to satiate anyone with a particularly strong sweet tooth. And while the guest of honor won’t be drinking, a variety of beverages for the guests are a good idea.

Try and to keep the party a surprise from the mom-to-be until the very last minute for a fun surprise she won’t forget. You can simply invite her out on the day of and take her to the site without much issue.

Remember, this is a joyous occasion, so keep things light prepare to have a good time! As long as there’s something happening, guests won’t get bored. It can be as simple as a fresh round of drinks or introducing a new game to the group. What are your favorite things to do at a baby shower?