Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to spend time with Dad and reflect on all the fun memories your family has shared. It’s the time to show how much we love him, care for him and want to hang out with him! Have the whole family help make this Father’s Day with these unique beer labels Dad will love. Whether your dad loves to watch some Sunday football, spends his time on the grill or is just an overall super dad, there is a printable beer label for every father!

How to Create Printable Beer Labels for Dad:

  1. First, you’ll want to remove the original label from the beer bottle. It’s easiest to soak the bottle in warm water, then scrub off the label using a sponge. If you are doing more than a few bottles, feel free to soak them overnight in warm water. They should fall off pretty easily the next day.
  2. Once you remove your labels, dry off the bottles.
  3. Next, print out your favorite beer labels on regular paper or photo paper.
  4. Then, cut out each label.
  5. Using an extra-strength glue stick, apply glue tor the back of the printable and attach to the middle of the bottle. Alternate option: use 8.5×11″ adhesive-backed paper. That way you can cut the labels out of the paper with scissors.
  6. Voila! Your personalized beer labels are ready for Father’s Day!

Beer Labels for the Sporty Dad

For the dad who has a Sunday football routine, or enjoys a fun game of golf in his free time, consider these sporty printables for dad. He will be forever grateful for his personalized game time refreshments!


  • I hit a home run having you as my dad!
  • No iffs, ands or putts, you’re my favorite.
  • Free agent for the NBA: National Beer Association.
  • You’re a great ice hoppy player.
  • Surfice to say you’re the best dad.

Beer Labels for SUPER Dad

Kids love superheroes. They are the characters kids look up to as they grow and the types of people they want to become. But do you know who their favorite superhero is? Their dad of course! Dads help you learn your first words, ride your first bike and drive your first car. So show your father that he’s the most important hero in your life with these Super Dad printables.


  • It’s a bird… it’s a plane…no it’s super dad!
  • You’re my hero!
  • Super dad lives here!
  • Dad: a superhero without a cape!
  • There’s no dad like my super dad!


Beer Labels for the Grill Master

Your dad is a genius on the grill. Well at least he says he is, but you still love his steaks regardless! Make personalized beer bottles that he can take out to the grill and sip on while he cooks.


  • Our dad is flippin’ awesome.
  • You smoke the competition.
  • Dads like you are rare.
  • Well done dad.
  • Let’s be frank, you’re the best.

Beer Labels for Mr. Tech

You know this kind of dad. He is always buying the latest and greatest technology, from the newest phone, to the coolest spy gear he can use to keep the bad guys at bay (aka the raccoons in the garage). Give him beer that he can enjoy during his tech time, or when he’s off duty.


  • Dad: est. way before social media.
  • VR: virtual realdad.
  • Free access to WiFi-PA.
  • A wheat for your tweets.
  • Just brewgle it.

Beer Labels for Grandpa

Only the best dads get promoted to grandpa! Grandpas mean so much to those who love them. Let yours know how much he means to you with personalized beers just for him. These can be perfect for a day out on the golf course or a barbecue in the backyard. He will appreciate the extra effort you put in for his special day.


  • I love my grandpa this much! 
  • You’re the greatest GrandIPA.
  • Some beers improve with age.
  • In dog beers you’re a 12-Pack.
  • Papa papa ale.


General Beer Labels

For all dads who enjoy a delicious brewski, consider these general Father’s Day printable beer labels. For the IPA lover, consider “Hoppy Father’s Day” or “Daddyken” for the Heineken fanatic! Regardless, he will be delighted to see your extra effort to create a fun, unique gift.


  • Hoppy Father’s Day.
  • Beer’s to you, dad.
  • There couldn’t beer a better dad.
  • Daddyken.
  • Have a beer-y happy Father’s Day!

For dads who love their beer, his favorite brew covered with fun printable labels is the perfect gift. Whether he love sports, spends his time on the grill or is your ultimate superhero, he will be thrilled to receive customized beer labels that fit his personality. Also, for fathers who prefer something non-alcoholic, a root beer or cream ale are also great alternatives you can use with these printables. Surprise him by placing your completed beers in the fridge, or wrap them up and pair them with a personalized gift dad will love.