On America’s birthday, it’s fun to get kids in on the celebration with Fourth of July crafts, activities and food. We’ve curated a list of fun crafts to do with your kids, with enough ideas to last you through the celebration. If you’re having a summer BBQ on Independence Day, setting up a craft can keep the younger set entertained (and away from the more dangerous activities like fireworks).

There are ideas that involve paper plates and paint for the youngest crafters, and party fun like balloon dart games for the older kids. Many of these crafts are simple to make and use items you already have on hand, so you can even set up multiple crafts for different age groups.  

1. Red, White and Blue Sand Art

Using just food coloring, sand and baby food jars, the kids can create patriotic sand art. This craft from Honeybear Lane is not only fun to make, but can grace a mantle or decorate tables for the Fourth of July!

2. Patriotic Windsock

The best thing about this windsock from Hey Let’s Make Stuff is that you can use up scraps of ribbon and fabric you already have. The end result is a pretty hanging hoop of red, white and blue that is a little more unique than a flag.

3. Fourth of July Bracelets

Preschoolers love to dress up in jewelry, so what better idea than to have them make their own on Independence Day? These patriotic patterned bracelets from Playdough to Plato are great for practicing fine motor skills and are themed for the festivities.

4. Fourth of July Flag Balloon Dart Game

This balloon dart game from Giggles Galore will have you feeling like you stepped into a carnival. The balloons are filled with candy and money for prizes, and the game itself looks like an American flag!

5. Star Spangled Slime DIY

Not only is making slime easy, but you can get endlessly creative with color variations. This slime tutorial from Mot Dot mixes sparkly blue and red with white for a brilliantly colored slime that’s great for Independence Day.

6. Painted Lawn Stars

All you need to get your lawn party-ready using this idea from The Concrete Cottage are stencils and construction marking paint. The result is fun and festive, and is fast enough to finish at the last minute!

7. Confetti Poppers DIY

These party poppers from Simple Everyday Mom give kids a hands-on activity while keeping their hands off of fireworks. A safe alternative to fire means you can relax as the kids blast the grass with confetti!

8. Fourth of July Paper Rocket

The fireworks show will only last for a few minutes, but the kids can play with these paper rockets from Momma Mommy Mom all day. The best part is, you probably have everything on hand, since all you need is construction paper, empty toilet paper rolls, scissors and glue.

9. Firecracker Popcorn Bags

Sometimes you need a craft that can be finished in under a minute, and this festive popcorn bag from Family Chic fits the bill. Fringe scissors will speed up the process, but you can use regular scissors just as easily.

10. Checkers Travel Game

This soft DIY board game from For the Makers can fold up easily to fit into a beach bag, so it’s the perfect family game to take to a Fourth of July outing! You’ll need to plan ahead to allow one day for drying.

11. Fourth of July Ribbon Wand

Nothing says summer like kids twirling on the grass, and this ribbon wand from Alice and Lois makes it twice as fun. It’s especially perfect for cheering on the floats at a Fourth of July parade, and only takes a few supplies to make.  

12. Mini Firework Pom-Pom Mobile

When you think of mobiles, you may think of cribs, but this DIY project from The Merry Thought is perfect as a party decoration. Metallic pipe cleaners in red, white and blue add tons of pizazz once you shape them into pom-poms.

13. Fourth of July Flashlights

There’s usually a lull between the time dusk begins and the start of the firework show, so these flashlights for kids from Stuffed Suitcase are an ideal way to fill in the gap. If you have a cutting machine, you can get more creative, but you can create the stencils with paper punches as well.

14. Patriotic Balloon Paddle Game

Not only will the kids enjoy playing this fun balloon game from Mess for Less, but they can get also get involved in crafting it too. Once you see the kids moving around and laughing, you may want to get in on the action yourself!   

15. Glittery Star Wands

These sparkly, patriotic wands from Crafts Unleashed will stand out in a crowd when you wave them at a parade. The best part is, they are easy enough for even a preschooler to make — and we all know how much preschoolers enjoy playing with glitter.

16. Red, White and Blue Cookie Pops

Our mouth is watering over these Americana-themed treats from It’s Always Autumn. Crafting is fun but when combined with edible goodness, there’s really nothing better. All you need are candy melts, popsicle sticks and chocolate sandwich cookies, plus an appetite for dessert!

17. Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches

Here’s another edible craft for those of you out there with a sweet tooth. These ice cream sandwiches from Take Time for Style get snazzy with sprinkles, and you may never go back to plain old ice cream sandwiches again.

18. DIY Fourth of July Shirts

Your little firecrackers will look adorable in these shirts made with freezer paper stencils from Small and Friendly. The post includes free iron transfer images, so you don’t need a cutting machine to get creative.

19. Fireworks Drink Stirrers

These drink stirrers from Cookies and Calligraphy can optionally be turned into cupcake toppers, so you don’t have to worry about making too many if you get carried away. All you need are scissors to turn blue and red metallic wrap paper into fireworks!

20. Red, White and Blue Fondant Sugar Cookies

You can either make the sugar cookies from scratch or buy them premade — the trick from Pretty in Pistachio is all about adding the fondant topping. Twisting ropes of fondant together is easy enough for kids, but gives you a marbled effect that looks like you spent all day in the kitchen!

21. Firework Cupcakes

Kids love to help make and decorate cupcakes, and these red, white and blue themed cupcakes from Crayons and Cravings are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

22. Star Sun Catchers

If you have kids, it’s likely that you have crayons and even more likely that quite a few of them are broken. This project from The Suburban Mom puts those broken crayons to good use by turning them into a beautiful window decoration.

23. Firecracker Ring Toss

Not only does this kids party game from Canary Jane add sparkle to the decor, it’s a lot of fun for the kids to play. Glittery star garlands serve as the rings, while pool noodles become the rocket-shaped base. Give these rings a toss and see if you can throw a ringer!

24. Fourth of July Treat Boxes

Nothing makes watching fireworks more fun than munching on goodies during the show! These themed treat boxes from A Kailo Chic Life are made from cardboard bottle carriers and are filled with drinks, treats, glow sticks and poppers.

25. Watercolor American Flag

Kids will love crafting this watercolor American flag from Heart of Deborah. This takes a few sheets of paper, tape, spray bottle and stickers to create your flag. Have an adult stencil and create the outline of the flag. Then let your little one get creative with the paints. This is a festive and fun craft you will be proud to share on the fridge!

You could give these crafts as patriotic party favors to your guests, or pair them with a personalized Fourth of July gift for little ones. However you decide to celebrate our precious freedom, we hope you have fun setting up and completing these crafts with your little ones.