The holiday season is the best time to spread goodwill and cheer. Encourage your children or significant other to hone in on their giving spirits with these report cards. The printables, straight from Santa and his elves, will let them know if they’re on the naughty or nice list (and how to improve if it looks like they might get a lump of coal). Just download your report of choice, print, cut and fill out.

kid and adult christmas report card

Report Cards for Kids

Elementary-aged kids are familiar with the report cards because they are sent home roughly every six weeks. However, instead of using grades to promote good work, you can use a naughty or nice report card. A bad mark will make them want to change their behavior so Santa will bring the Christmas gift that they asked for.

If you have a young son or daughter, consider hiding the report card to make it seem like an elf left if for them to find. We’ve created reports on behavior, chores, nutrition, and school, as well as blank reports, so you can use a different one every week leading up to Christmas.

elf report card

Report Card for Significant Others

Keep your significant other on their toes this holiday season by grading their behavior. Have they done something thoughtful lately? Highlight it with a fun note! You two will make memories as you try to impress and do nice things for each other. Make it a competition to see who can get the best report card — the loser buys dinner or a treat!

naughty or nice report card