Christmas is right around the corner, which means Santa is almost here! As he prepares gifts for children all around the world, he also needs a lot of help from his elves. Get in the holiday spirit with our elf name generator and printables. This Christmas elf name generator will give kids a unique name based on the personality trait they choose.

Help your little one print their name on a special name tag. Select a girl, boy or unisex name and then select one of the following personality types: sweet, Sassy or Silly. Once your kiddos they select an elf name they like, they can print out our printable name tags and wear them around the house, or use them for a school activity.


female elf illustration

Elf Name Generator

Choose your elf name by selecting from the options below

male elf illustration

Elf Name Tag Printables

We recommend you print the name tags on sticker paper in order to place on your child’s shirt/clothing. The name tags can also be printed on regular paper and attached to clothing using tape.

You will need:

  • Elf name tag printables
  • Pen or pencil to write with
  • Crayons or markers for decorating black and white name tags
  • Scissors
  • Regular 8.5 x 11 paper or sticker paper

Note:  On Christmas Eve, have your little ones print out and color in their name tags. Then have one child be the “helper elf” who gives out the gifts on Christmas morning. This will save you an early morning workout and give them a chance to feel helpful!

As you can see, there are a variety of elf names to choose from — all names of old elves who have been helping Santa for years! These elf names are great to print out and use for the whole family. To make your family Christmas photo extra festive this year, have everyone in the family print out and craft a name tag. Then wear them for the picture.

If your little ones want to learn the names of the elves who helped deliver their gifts, have them leave the printables out overnight on Christmas Eve. Then, while they sleep, fill out the name tags with elf names for a fun surprise in the morning! Don’t forget to leave Santa and his helpers cookies and milk on a personalized plate.