At Personal Creations, some of our most popular personalized Mother’s Day gifts revolve around gardening. We love encouraging people to have a green thumb, so this year for Mother’s Day, we decided to work with some fun family bloggers to inspire a bit of quality family bonding in the garden. Since our audience also loves seeing creative ways to reuse their favorite products, we decided to show how our personalized beverage tub can be repurposed as a planter. Genius!

Curly Crafty Mom

Carrie and her children were hard at work putting together a seasonal, welcoming garden space for their front patio.

kid with flowers

They combined our galvanized planter tub with a lavender wreath from ProPlants for a festive addition to really spruce up their curb appeal.

flower garden tub

Doesn’t it look great? Purple and yellow is such a great springtime color combination!  Learn more about their gardening adventure here.

Elephant Eats

Baby Berkeley may be small in size, but he’s got a huge passion for the outdoors! Just take a look this adorable picture:

mom with kid

Read the full post about his new herb garden here.

Jen Haugen

Jen and her children used a nice spring day to add some color to their garden.

kids with tub

Read more about their Mother’s Day together here.

Modern Day Donna Reed

Congratulations to Stephanie and her family on the purchase of their new home!  We could tell you about the great Mother’s Day their family spent together outside, but instead you can hear it straight from Stephanie:

Read more about their day of gardening here.

Mom’s Own Words

Even though Kristi and her family were battling illness, it didn’t stop them from enjoying some of the spring sunshine on Mother’s Day and getting outside to work on their beautiful garden space:

boy with tub

boys with tub

We’re really impressed with the arrangement they put together! You can see the final product up close in her blog post here.

The Chirping Moms

Although now separated by several states, these good friends and moms were still able to both enjoy their Mother’s Day outside in the sun with their mini-me’s by their sides.  Just look at Julie’s little helpers hard at work:

boy and girl with tub and shovelsRead more about their new family traditions here.

Rolled Up Pretty

It was a family affair this Mother’s Day over at Savannah’s house.  She documented her experience featuring our garden heart stepping stones with some excellent photography, which you can find in full here.  Our favorite has to be this picture – and the grin on little Everest’s face!

dad kids garden stones

Mommy Knows What’s Best

Marissa says it best in her post – the best gifts that can be given on Mother’s Day are memories.  Hopefully she and her lil’ lady remember this past Mother’s Day for many years to come.

girl with trowel

The Hankful House

Along with the Personal Creations garden tote & tool bag, Mandy enlisted the help of her family as they worked on putting together their very first vegetable garden! And while it will take some time for her nutritious vegetables to grow to their full size, we think she’s off to a great start!  Take a look at her post here and let her know what you think.

family garden box

Simply Lulu Style

Spending hours outside underneath the hot, spring sun can certainly cause one to work up quite a thirst.  Lulu didn’t want to take any chances given the warm weather Philadelphia has recently been receiving, so we sent over some of our On the Go Flower Tumblers to make sure her family remained well hydrated as they worked on beautifying their garden space.  Her full post has some great photography, but we especially like this photo of the whole gang having fun together:

family on steps