Written by Piera Jolly of Jolly Mom for Personal Creations Blog.

Hop, hop! I am so excited that Easter is just days away. Not only does it signal the beginning of spring, but I also look forward to the pretty dresses, egg hunts on the lawn, and family celebrations. We actually host an Easter Egg Hunt and a dinner for friends and family every year. It’s one of my favorite parties to host because honestly – I just love all of the bright and cute decorations! It’s so much fun dreaming up new ways to make Easter a memorable and special day for my loved ones.

So today I want to share with you three unique and fun centerpiece ideas for your Easter brunch or dinner this year. These are all very easy to put together, but they make a big impact.

DIY Easter Centerpieces

Egg Hunt Centerpiece

DIY Easter centerpiece with daffodils in blue pot and eggs

Bursting with spring flowers and greenery, this centerpiece is created to look like a grassy lawn ready for an Easter Egg Hunt. Putting it together is very simple. Just fill the personalized tub with fresh soil. Plant an ornamental grass (or moss) and some bright tulips. Add in a few colorful Easter eggs and a personalized bunny and it’s ready!

soil and daffodils DIY Easter centerpiece

This is the perfect centerpiece for a kids’ dinner table or even an Easter egg-decorating table. As the kids finish their eggs, they can add them to the centerpiece! (For craft ideas that are more suitable for kids to make, make sure to check out this list of Easter crafting ideas suitable for all ages.)

DIY Easter centerpiece with daffodils in blue pot and eggs 3

Carrots & Flowers Centerpiece


It’s not Easter without carrots for the bunnies, right? This creative centerpiece features carrots and fresh cut spring flowers in a clear vase. It makes such an elegant centerpiece while still being fun and unique. To make the carrot centerpiece, fill a clear vase with water and neatly place carrots into the vase. It’s important to get the carrots with the green tops. However, if you can’t find them then improvise by using curly parsley. Top with flowers of your choice.

DIY Easter centerpiece daisies and fresh carrots

Quick Tip: You can do the same thing with other fruits and vegetables too! Use asparagus or sliced lemons or oranges in a clear vase and top with coordinating flowers.

Floral Easter Basket Centerpiece

DIY Easter Centerpiece felt pot and flowers and candy

One of my favorite ways to decorate the Easter table is by using various types of baskets as vases. For example, these sweet personalized Easter baskets are filled with a bright sunflower arrangement. They are so cute and add a playful twist to the standard vase. The trick is to put a watertight container inside of the basket that actually holds the water and flowers and also adds structure. Then, add flowers and you’re done!

DIY Easter Centerpiece felt pot and flowers

To make your Easter centerpieces more festive, consider adding one or more of the following:

  • Brightly colored or natural eggs
  • Easter animals like a bunny or chick
  • Delicious treats such as marshmallow Peeps on a stick
  • Chocolate bunny
  • Grass
  • Vegetables or fruits

Enjoy and “Hoppy” Easter!


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