Love. The endless inspiration for poems, songs, paintings, films. It is one of Life’s biggest questions. So we decided to get some expert answers — from kids! Have you ever sat down and really asked kids what love is all about or why people get married? Kids give the best answers! They are so honest and true. So maybe next time someone you know needs love advice, just send him or her to the real experts – little humans under the age of 10.

We asked some of our favorite kids (our own, co-workers’, and friends’) their thoughts on L.O.V.E. Read on for some sage advice.

What Is Love (baby don't hurt me)

“Love means everybody has a family.” – Adam, Age 4

“Love is someone or something you adore and care for and you like them a lot. Enough to say the word love.” – Jack, Age 8 ½

“Love is when you get chased.” – Isabella, Age 4

“Love is, um, hearts and kisses. Oh, and hugs.” – Finn, Age 5


What does love feel like

“I don’t know…dreamy?  I haven’t done that yet.” – Chase, Age 6

“You really want to get the girl.” – Ethan, Age 10

“Those are weird questions to ask kids. We don’t know what to say to that.”– Maude, Age 7 & Eiler, Age 4

“It feels like you might kiss them! And the best strawberry cake ever!” – Bella, Age 6


How do you make someone fall in love

“For boys, if they give a girl a rose, she might fall in love with him. For girls, they might say hi and wave to a boy.” – Natalie, Age 6

“For starters take them to a romantic dinner or movie. And, probably also…giving her a ring and probably going to the beach and laying down and seeing the moon and stars.” – Lucas, Age 6

“By dressing nicely and walking by them.  That one is easy.” – Bella, Age 6


How do you decide who to marry

“That’s a very good question. You find someone else in the neighborhood. You borrow him if he doesn’t have girl. You borrow him and he becomes your daddy and you get married.” – Maya, Age 4

“Ewwwwwwwwwwww!” – Bella, Age 5 & Gavin, Age 7

“If you have a car, you drive around and look for the most beautiful girl. When you find her, you just go up to her and say “Will you marry me?” – Finn, Age 5

“I don’t know. I think I’m going to marry you, mommy.” – Adam, Age 4

“You just have to ask…” – Isabella, Age 4


There are lots of ridiculously adorable videos out there on what kids say about love. Here are the three that inspired this post.




What’s the cutest/funniest thing you’ve heard kids say about love? Let us know!