Every dad is special in his own way. Whether he’s giving Mom bunny ears in the family photo, teaching us the manly art of “how to repair anything with duct tape” or sporting his favorite “kiss the cook” apron behind the grill, Dad is at the center of your fondest—and funniest—memories.

Use our poetry generator to create a few lines tailored to express your appreciation for Dad’s unique brand of love, understanding and individuality. Pair your poem with something from this collection of Father’s Day gifts and make a memory that will become one of his favorite stories.

father's day poetry generator
fathers day gifts

Thank You, Dad

When I was a child, your   kept me safe from harm.
Now that I am   it is your   that is part of your charm.

When you're   in your chair teaching me about   ,
This makes the   pass by so   .

I couldn’t have   for a better dad.
The memories of   are irreplaceable.

So, here's to you, Dad!
Thanks for always being there to make us   .

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