It’s a Saturday, and while every day is the weekend for your children during the summer, today is finally the weekend for you as well. Perhaps some gardening or lawn mowing can be done, and maybe your children are old enough to help. But you wake up to find that it’s raining, and will be all day. Summer thunderstorms can be such a buzzkill. Where there’s rain, there’s still hope, however. Family movies were invented for rainy days!

Having your children watch a movie at night or on a rainy day is certainly a great way to entertain them, but figuring out what movie they’d like to watch; therein lies the challenge. But we can help, as we’ve created a family movie flowchart to help you decide what to watch based on everyone’s interests!



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Of course, when a favorite movie comes to mind, there are many more just like it that you remember as a favorite. Is there another movie we should’ve included? Let us know on Facebook.

If you are viewing movies, there is always hunger that comes with it. Check out our family movie night popcorn bowl! It’s assorted with many treats that go perfectly with watching a movie.