Easter is a special time of year. It’s a time where we welcome spring, and celebrate new beginnings. It’s also a time to spend with family, and put on an Easter egg hunt! Easter egg hunts are not only a favorite activity for kids, they are also a fun tradition for adults. While traditional plastic eggs hold candy or money, don’t be afraid to add a fun spin on the game and place clues inside, leading to an Easter basket.

This is an interactive way for the little ones to find eggs and receive their baskets from the Easter Bunny. Below are ready-made Easter egg hunt clues you can print at home and use this year, for both indoors and outdoors. The kiddos will love this scavenger hunt type game, and will be greatly rewarded when they come to the end of their journey!

Setting up Your Easter Egg Hunt

When it comes to setting up your Easter egg hunt, you’ll want to determine the perimeters for the hunt. You’ll also want to decide if you’ll have an indoor or outdoor Easter egg hunt. If you live in a warm climate and have the outdoor space, consider blocking off the backyard for your hunt.

If you live in cooler weather, set up inside and find easy-to-reach places to stick your eggs. Avoid placing the eggs around fragile items, and make sure to do a kid-proof inspection before beginning. Because of the unpredictable spring weather, it might be safe to prepare for an indoor hunt regardless of region.

Easter Egg Proportions

The next step is to figure out how many kids will be participating. Plan for 15 to 20 eggs per person for your Easter egg hunt. If the children are young, 10 eggs is enough. In addition to your Easter egg hunt clues, fill the eggs with candies such as jelly beans, small chocolates or other small prizes if desired. You’ll also want to provide at least one basket, bucket or bag for every guest invited to the hunt.

Hiding Your Easter Eggs

Before you begin hiding the eggs, be sure to count them, as this will make cleanup go by a lot faster (and you won’t find an egg in your shelf mid-October!). And as for hiding spots, you’ll want to decide on the spots based on the age group that will be hunting. Place some eggs in obvious locations such as the lawn, or beside a couch or chair, and others hidden under a rug or in a mailbox.

When determining your clues, it’s important to figure out how many kids are participating, and their age ranges. For little kids, the clues should be simple and straightforward, and for older kids, they should be more of a riddle-type message. If you’re hosting kids of all different ages, consider letting kids go in heats. To begin your Easter egg hunt, pass out an egg to each kid and have them hold on to it until everyone gets one. Then let the Easter egg hunt commence!

Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt Clues

For those who have an outdoor area and/or celebrate a sunny Easter, try our readymade outdoor Easter egg hunt clues. We have simpler clues for the little ones, and more complex clues for the veteran egg-hunters.

10 Outdoor Clues for Big Kids

  1. I sit very still when I don’t have a rider, check under my tires to get what you desire. (car)
  2. Fill me with seeds and put me up high, my guests come from up in the sky. (bird feeder)
  3. On a hot day, I give you a shady seat. Come sit here now to find what you seek. (tree)
  4. I am a box with a stick, and and I’m where you’ll find mail quick. (mailbox)
  5. Use me to give plants a drink, you fill me up from the kitchen sink! (watering can)
  6. I am where you throw out trash and people say I’m nasty and yuck. But if you don’t find your clue you’ll be out of luck! (garbage can)
  7. I’ve got charcoal in my belly, and metal feet. Once I am hot, it’s time to eat. (BBQ)
  8. Use me to cool down the ground on a hot day, I am long and effective I must say. (hose)
  9. Reach new heights by swinging on my seat, a regular chair just can’t compete. (swing)
  10. I separate your house from your neighbors, and am made from wood. (fence)

10 Outdoor Clues for Little Kids

  1. I have windows and doors but I am not your house! I go vroom vroom and love to be ridden. (car)
  2. You step on me every day before you leave. (door mat)
  3. I hold food for birdies outside, check my opening for a special treat! (bird feeder)
  4. I am green and I grow, and what you mow! (grass)
  5. I love the outside, and have many green leaves. I grow big and tall and you love to climb on me! (tree)
  6. If you can’t see the Easter Bunny’s bushy tail, be sure to check the mail. (mailbox)
  7. Don’t touch me if I’m on. I am where adults cook outside. (BBQ)
  8. I hold flowers in my base, and love to be watered. (flower pot)
  9. I give light to the porch, so you can see your steps in the dark. (porch light)
  10. I am where the car is parked indoors, and am a large moving door. (garage door)

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Clues

For homes that are still too chilly during Easter time, or have limited outdoor space, host your Easter egg hunt indoors. Get creative with your egg hiding, and consider placing your eggs in large books, under seat cushions and even in the fridge! We have created a variety of outdoor clues for big kids and little kids, along with fill-in-the-blanks if you’d like to create custom clues.

10 Indoor Clues for Big Kids

  1. Look under where you wipe your shoes. (front door mat)
  2. I am where you watch your favorite show, and at night I like to glow. (TV)
  3. I am always running but have no legs. I am cold and white and always have a light. (fridge)
  4. Turn me on and you can see, turn me off to let the night be. (light)
  5. I have hands but no arms, just a face and my hands move at a steady pace. (clock)
  6. I have a sound that goes beep, and my main function is to heat. (microwave)
  7. Keep your stinky socks in me, and any dirty clothing that comes to be! (laundry basket)
  8. I’m full of paper and ink, but I am not a book like you might think. (printer)
  9. I am under the place where your head rests, after a long day of takings tests. (pillow)
  10. Go out with a bang and find your last clue in the place your clothes hang. (closet)

10 Indoor Clues for Little Kids

  1. Find me in the kitchen, I’m a big cold white appliance. (fridge)
  2. I am where you put your clothes, on the most bottom shelf. (dresser)
  3. I make a ticking sound and tell you the time. (clock)
  4. I make a beeping sound when your food is done. (microwave)
  5. I turn on when you want to watch your favorite show. (TV)
  6. I hold the books you like to read. (book shelf)
  7. Check the item that you put on your feet to go outside! (shoes)
  8. You put bread in me, and it comes out nice and crispy. (toaster)
  9. I wash your clothes and go around and around. (washing machine)
  10. Find me when you need to know how to spell a word. (dictionary)

Once your child has completed the hunt, don’t forget the prize at the end! Fill a personalized basket or a bag with candy and toys as their reward for their hard work. This twist to the traditional Easter egg hunt will be a hit during this year’s celebration. And, incorporate your own Easter clues with our fill-in-the-blank printables below.