Did a birthday sneak up on you this year?

Sometimes your or a loved one’s special day is here before you know it and you haven’t planned anything to celebrate. We know it can be hard to decide on a party theme that you and all your guests will enjoy. That’s why we created a birthday party themes generator that will give you all kinds of festive inspiration for the big day. Based on party style and guest age, we’ll suggest some great ideas to get you well on your way to party-planning success!

birthday party theme ideas

Carnival Fun

Keep things feeling festive with a carnival party! Rent a large tent and create your own fun games. Send guests home with kettle corn party favors.

Parisian Getaway

Oh lala! A paris theme is a bon choix. Make stripes and berets the dress code and cook up this crepe cake from Take a Megabite.

Woodland Wonderland

Suburbs Mama

Calling all nature lovers! Pine needle and branches are your best bet when decorating the present table.

80s Bash

80s babies will love this birthday theme. Decorate with cassette tapes and this Rubick’s Cube cake from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio.

Circus Soiree

Crystal Satriano Photography

Who doesn’t love a circus party! Give guests rubber noses as party favors and fill a piñata with boxes of circus animal cookies.

Sports Party

Sports make an easy and customizable party theme! Whatever your sport of choice, make sure you get a game going to burn off the birthday cake!

Horse Hoe-down

Equestrians young and old will love a horse party. Rent ponyies to ride and DIY this piñata from Keep Home Simple.

Princess Celebration

Who doesn’t love a princess party? Keep the outfits, decorations and cake for this party pink frilly and fun. Make sure party guests get their own tiaras!

Dog Themed Shindig

Paws up for a dog themed party! Look into renting puppies in your area, or make it a volunteer party at a local shelter. See how many pups you can get to wear birthday hats!

Construction Spree


Birthday building fun for little ones! Glue streamers and confetti to plastic hard hats for the ultimate festive look.

Farm Festivity

A fun theme for any age! Think modern hoe-down for adults or a petting zoo adventure for little kids. Hay bale decorations are a must!

Rainbow Celebration

An easy and festive birthday option! Decorate with colorful streamers, serve vibrant fruit and drinks and DIY this candle holder from Sugar and Cloth for the rainbow centerpiece.

Mermaid Merriment

DIY Inspired

You’re never too old to be a mermaid! Decorate in tones of deep blue and purple for this party and serve lots of seafood. The birthday kid should get a crown made of shells.

Camping Cheer

Great for summer birthdays! Set up your party inside a big tent and forgo birthday cake for s’mores with sprinkles.

Movie Jubilee

Pick the birthday boy or girl’s favorite movie and create a theme around it, or just host a night with a mix of great films! Make sure there’s no shortage of cake and popcorn.

Beach Bash

Who doesn’t want to turn a year older next to the ocean? Even if you can’t make it to a real beach, you can celebrate with these tropical twister mocktails from A Helicopter Mom. (Add alcohol for an adult party!)

Dinosaur Jam

Party Pieces

Your little monster will love a dinosaur party. Play pin the tail on the T-Rex for a prehistoric twist on the birthday classic!

Prom Party

Great for adults who want to relive their teenage years. Think cheesy music, punch bowls and posed pictures. Have guests come in their formal best. Make these DIY corsages and boutonnières from Vibrant Vintage.

Cocktail Reception

Adults only! Feature cupcakes and birthday cake shots like these from Miss Buttercup.

Garden Gala

The Cottage Mama

A garden party is a sophisticated warm-weather option. Decorate with beautiful bouquets of the birthday person’s favorite blooms.

Karaoke Jubilee

Who doesn’t love getting their five minutes of fame? Create an instrumental playlist of the birthday boy or girl’s favorite songs. Let each partygoer have a chance to sing along!

DIY Cake Fun

Have your cake and eat it too! For this fun party, provide each guest with a mini cake like these from Oh Happy Day and supplies to decorate it (think candy, icing and even cookies.)

Art-y Party

Glorious Treats

Make an art themed party perfect for birthdays by using white-iced cakes as canvases and food coloring as paint!

Black and White Ball

This one is easy to decorate for! Collect tablecloths, balloons, flatware and more in black and white. See how it all comes together to create an elegant masterpiece!

Opposite Escapade

An opposite party is always fun! Pretend the birthday boy or girl is turning an age they’re not, hang balloons upside down from the ceiling and eat cake with the icing on the inside.

Royalty Celebration

Be kings and queens for the day! Check out Karen Kavett’s tutorial on birthday crowns for kids and adults! Party horns work in place of scepters on this special day.

Board Game Bash

Perfect for the birthday boy or girl who doesn’t like loud or boisterous parties. Set up individual game stations for guests and hand deliver cupcakes to each!

Buried Treasure Bananza

A buried treasure party can be adapted for kids or adults. Little ones will love to hunt down candy while adults while like mini liquor bottles or cafe gift cards.

Christmas in July

This one is for the birthday guy or girl who can’t get enough of the holidays. Create a cake shaped like a Christmas tree and cover it in birthday candles. Order fake snow and string glow lights in your yard. Sing happy birthday to the tune of a Christmas carol!

A Chocolate Occasion

Try this crowd pleaser birthday party! Start with Fork & Beans’ chocolate pinata cakes and have a truffle eating contest!

Fashion Show Festivities

Create a birthday-tastic runway covered in confetti and line the sides with cupcakes. Make sure all the models get one of Sweet Lulu’s diy glam candy rings!

Talent Show Party

Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

If your birthday guy or girl likes to perform, this is the party for them. Make sure to have a trophy filled with confetti and cupcakes for the winner.

TV Show Get Together

Model this one after the birthday boy or girl’s favorite TV show, or have everyone come as a character from their own favorite show. Record birthday episodes of popular sitcoms and play them at the party!

Coffee Reception

Adults only! Set up a latte bar and serve Foxes Love Lemons’ Birthday Cake Latte Muffins. Celebrate in the morning and use espresso beans instead of confetti!

High Tea Gala

In the mood to feel fancy? Wear your birthday best and host high tea. The glazed tea cakes from Baker Girl are a must. Don’t forget to stick a birthday candle in each one!

Formal Dinner Fête

Sometimes a fancy dinner is a nice escape from everyday life. What better time for it than your birthday? Check out our entertaining supplies to make it even more perfect.

Sleepover Soiree

Rose Bakes

Let them eat (pan)cake! Celebrate your sleepover party with a pajama-mandatory uniform, lots of comfy pillows and a pancake birthday cake in the morning!

Ballet Bash

While this is a classic for little ones, it can be great for adults too! For a unique party, try hosting at a ballet studio and providing guests with a private class. Just make sure there’s cake afterward!

Hybrid Hoopla

Does your birthday boy or girl love seemingly opposite things? Combine them for a fun and unique theme! For example, a fairy dinosaur party or a ballerina monster truck party!

Book Banquet

The Alison Show

If the birthday guy or girl is into books, have a book nerd party! Display the cake on a stack of novels and ask each partygoer to bring their favorite read as a gift.

Now that you have the perfect theme in mind, it’s time to get to planning! Remember to consider the time of day you’ll be hosting the party, as well as weather, food choices and guest count. Last but not least, don’t forget a remarkable gift that the birthday guest will cherish for years to come. Check our our birthday bestsellers to find something perfect. Happy celebrating!