Summer is in full swing, and it’s a great opportunity to get outside and play! There’s no better way to get your summer fun on than some good old-fashioned kite flying, and it’s even better when you make the kite yourself. Let your little ones explore their creativity by helping them craft a homemade paper kite with our DIY kite tutorial. This will delight any child when they see their creation high in the sky! And the best part of all? It’s a completely screen-free activity.

Read below to find out how you can create a paper kite in just 11 easy steps. We also provide fun colorful printables you can add to your paper kite. Try under the sea creatures for the kid who loves the beach, or a fun saying and color in shapes for a customized kite. Note: This project is great for the whole family, but we recommend that young children help decorate and children 8+ can help craft.


  • 2- ¼ inch wooden dowels
  • 36” wide sheet of paper
  • Masking or packing tape
  • 20 meters of twine
  • Ruler
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Ribbon or fabric scraps
  • Kite printables
  • Glue stick/clear tape (for printables)
  • Craft materials to decorate (markers, watercolor paint)

DIY Kite Directions

Step 1:

Let your little ones show their creativity and have them color or draw on the large sheet of paper. Then, print and cut out printables listed below and glue or tape accordingly on the large sheet of paper.

Step 2:

Measure your wooden dowels to 24 inches and 33 inches using a yardstick. Then cut your wooden dowels to the correct lengths using a saw.

Step 3:

Using a handsaw, make divots in all ends of your wooden dowels.

Step 4:

Place your 33 inch dowel vertically and measure 11 inches from the top, making a mark with a pencil. Then, place the 20 inch dowel across the mark to create a “t” shape.

Step 5:

Use your twine to wrap the dowels where they meet. Reinforce the center where they meet with hot glue if desired.

Step 6:

Tie a single length of twine from one end of the dowel to the next, ensuring it goes right into the notches, creating a diamond shape. Wrap the twine a few times at each divot and secure with hot glue if desired.

Step 7:

Lay the kite frame out on the completed paper artwork and trim the paper around the frame, leaving a 2 inch border on all sides.

Step 8:

Fold the corners in and secure with tape. Then, fold the paper around the edges of your kite frame and secure with tape along the entire length of the fold.

Step 9:

Cut a piece of string 24 inches long. Create holes in the top and bottom points of the kite using a craft knife or scissors. Then tie one end of the string into the top hole and one end into the bottom hole. Use tape to keep it secure.

Step 10:

Create your flying string at least 5 times bigger than the height of your kite. Your kite should come out to 33 inches tall, making your flying string 160″. Tie your flying string to the brindle string to fly your kite.


Step 11:

Tape, hot glue or staple ribbon or fabric scraps to the end of your kite as a tail.

Under the Sea Kite

Recommended additional materials:

  • Watercolor paints
  • Glitter glue

This is the ultimate kite for kids who love the ocean! Have your little one color their paper with watercolor paint before constructing. Then let the paint dry for two to four hours. After that, print and cut out our printable sea creatures, then glue them onto the water colored paper. Be sure to let the glue dry before adhering your craft to the kite!

Silly Face Kite

Recommended additional materials:

  • Stain-free markers
  • Crayons

These adorable faces are the ultimate way to put a smile on kids’ faces. Print the face of their choice and cut eyes, mouth and additional features out. Help your little one glue the facial features on their paper, and then have them craft their masterpiece by drawing or coloring on the base paper. This should be decorated before assembling the kite.

Fun Words and Shapes Kite

Create a custom kite for your child using our printable sayings and shapes. Choose one of our unique sayings below and add additional shapes to make your kite pop. Once again, make sure to add the printables with sturdy glue before the kite is fully assembled. If you’d like to decorate, do so before assembling the kite.

Kite saying ideas:

  • Saying hi to the sky
  • Wind for the win
  • Life’s a breeze!
  • Easy breezy
  • Trust your gust

10 Additional Kites to Try

Now that you know how to make a homemade paper kite, it’s time to test it out. Help your kiddos put together the kite, add their favorite printables and get flying! The best time to go kite flying is during a semi-windy day, or almost any day near the ocean. Award your little one with a personalized gift for creating beautiful artwork.