Summertime is winding down and before you know it, class will be back in session. Back-to-school shopping and new school year frenzy is the perfect time to think about creative gift ideas for teachers and classmates. Making your own teacher gift is a fun summer craft to do with your kids to help them get excited for the upcoming school year.

We love these candy pencil gifts that can be given to both teachers and new classmates. These sweet treats are easy to make and are sure to give you an “A” for effort.


How to Make Back-to-School Candy Pencil Gifts

What you will need


  • Rolo’s (enough for each classmate and about 5-10 for the teacher)
  • Hershey’s Kisses
  • Yellow, Pink, and White Cardstock
  • Foil
  • Glue or Glue Dots
  • Ribbon or String
  • Craft Scissors

Step 1


Remove the string from the Hershey’s kisses and glue the kiss to one end of the Rolo’s. Let it dry for a few minutes and make sure it is glued on tight.

Step 2


Cut a 1-inch pink strip of paper to add to the top of the Rolo’s to resemble an eraser. Next cut a piece of yellow cardstock big enough to cover the candy, and fold it every quarter of an inch to create creases like that of a real pencil. Wrap the paper around the Rolo’s and attach it with glue.


Step 3


You are almost done! Now, use a thin piece of foil to cover the place where the yellow and pink paper meet. This will resemble the metal portion of the pencil.

Step 4


This next step is optional, but a sweet message is always a nice finishing touch. Cut white stock paper into small labels and write a positive message on each one. Tie the label to each piece of candy using your colorful ribbon or string.

Step 5


For the teacher, fill a personalized mug with candy pencils, tie a matching ribbon around in a bow, and you’ve got a first-day-of-school gift that will definitely make the grade.

If you’re not in the crafty mood or can’t seem to find the DIY time, there are still unique ways to personalize teacher appreciation gifts that are sure to be a hit. A personalized tote bag filled with supplies is a gift idea for teachers that can last all year. Fill the tote with teacher supplies such as pens, a notebook, hand sanitizer, and homemade apple treats to curb those mid-day snack attacks. For extra brownie points, throw in some lavender oil or other natural stress reducers, because anyone that is brave enough to teach deserves to be pampered.

For kids, a back-to-school survival kit filled with school supplies is a surefire way to put smiles on the faces of new classmates. Make the small kit by using a pencil case or goody bag, and throw in some pencils, pens, paperclips, and a few candy treats.

There are many other unique gift ideas for teachers and classmates that start the school year off right. Take a look at these gifts for teachers and let us know your favorite Teachers Day gifts, DIY gifts and personalized gifts you have made for the classroom.